Cue The Jericho Trumpets

A Florida pilot was almost taken out by a sniper after he decided to dive bomb the crowd at the Gulf Coast Jam. The genius also dropped beer koozies adorned with his business and phone number.

A report about the ‘reckless’ flyover at Gulf Coast Jam revealed the dangerous situation faced by law enforcement officers and the leadership of the concert.

The report also revealed that a sniper with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office was watching the plane and that deputies warned the pilot that they were prepared to “take action” if the incident continued.

By “take action,” I assume they would go get some donuts.

Robert Ryan Gore, 40, of Destin, is charged with operation of an aircraft while intoxicated or in a careless, reckless manner.

Deputies wrote that at about 8:30 p.m. Gore flew a seaplane below 500 feet over the crowd which numbered more than 20,000. They added that he made a nose dive maneuver towards the crowd and then made a second pass. He also dropped koozies onto the crowd that contained a website for his business, and a phone number.

What kind of imbecile nose dives toward a crowd of 20,000 people and doesn’t think it will cause a panic? Worse still, what kind of person gives out beer koozies anymore?