So Long, Virginia; You Had A Nice Run

Virginia, home to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe, just passed a gun control bill through the House of Delegates. It severely limits the citizens’ Second Amendment rights, as well as their overall freedom.

The Virginia House of Delegates passed a package of gun control proposals Tuesday on a near party line vote.

The proposal passed the House 51-48, with all Republicans, and several Democrats voting against the bill. The legislation includes a ban on the sale of several firearms defined as “assault weapons,” including the popular AR-15.

Virginia residents who currently own these types of firearms will not be forced to participate in a mandatory buyback program as had initially been considered by state Democrats. However, the bill gives the state government the authority to confiscate certain types of ammunition that are considered “high capacity.”

Hey Northam, come and take them, you blackface wearing, KKK supporting piece of garbage.

To their credit, a number of surrounding counties declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary Cities,” but the rest of the state must abide by this grievously unconstitutional law. Your move, Virginia residents. Will you live under tyranny, or will you pull up stakes and relocate to America?

Kamala Harris: “I’m Coming For Your Guns”

Moonbat California senator Kamala Harris appeared with her fellow leftists on a CNN town hall last night, and during the indoctrination session, Harris was asked what she would do about the “gun problem.”

During her one hour town hall on CNN, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was asked about what she would do to end school shootings.

“Supposed leaders in Washington, D.C. have failed to have the courage to recognize that, you know what, you want to go hunting, fine. But we need reasonable gun safety laws in this country, starting with universal background checks and a renewal of the Assault Weapon Ban,” Harris explained.

There are already a multitude of “reasonable gun safety laws” in this country, but that’s not what Kamala Harris wants. Harris wants draconian gun laws, where our betters in the government decide who may have a gun and who may not.

“But they have failed to have the courage to act, so Ben, here’s my response to you: upon being elected, I will give the United States Congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass gun safety laws. And if they fail to do it, then I will take executive action. And specifically what I’ll do is put in place a requirement that for anyone who sells more than five guns a year, they are required to do background checks when they sell those guns,” Harris said.

Well that’s interesting, because if I remember correctly, the Democrats controlled the House and Senate during King Putt’s administration. I know I’m fifty now, but I don’t remember the Democrats passing the stifling gun laws Harris is proposing. I wonder why that is?

By the way, this “universal background checks” nonsense is exactly that. Anyone who purchases a handgun must be subject to a background check. It’s been the law for, well, forever. Harris, as a former “prosecutor” knows this, but since she thinks voters are stupid, she feigns ignorance.

The only result of Harris’ measures will be a boom to street purchases, and (brace yourself) hood rats don’t do background checks.

Throw Up Your Hands, I Want Your Guns

This may come as a shock to you, but when the Democrats insisted they were not interested in banning guns, they were actually being untruthful. Nancy Pelosi’s first order of business in 2019? “Common sense” gun control.

Democrats will act “boldly” to bring “commonsense” gun control reforms to the table, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in a statement.

“The new Democratic majority will act boldly and decisively to pass commonsense, life-saving background checks that are overwhelmingly supported by the American people,” Pelosi said, Politico reported Monday.

With Pelosi’s support, Democrats coalesced to create a gun reform proposal that would require federal background checks on all gun sales, including private sales, Politico reported. Democratic California Rep. Mike Thompson, a Pelosi ally who says a bill for universal background checks will be introduced to Congress in early 2019, is spearheading the measure.

While an armed society is a polite society, an unarmed society can easily be enslaved by a tyrannical government. If you don’t think that is the Democrats’ ultimate plan, you are kidding yourselves.

Everyone’s Triggered

After the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, witnesses testified Virgil Earp warned the cowboys before the shooting began. Specifically, they claimed Virgil told them, “Throw up your hands. I want your guns.”

One hundred and thirty-six years later, the party who despises to police now suddenly trust us enough to confiscate America’s guns.

Behind every liberal reaction to a shooting is the looming specter of gun confiscation. Jimmy Kimmel even hinted at it with his comment that no one should own an M-16.

Confiscation makes more sense as the response to a dire threat that is going to kill millions of Americans — in the minds of liberals — than making sure suppressors are harder to buy. We need action now, so why not take all the guns? We can’t be safe until we know that no one outside of the state has them.

The odd thing about wanting gun confiscation is what it would entail. Prior to the Las Vegas massacre, liberal media was busy lionizing NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem to protest police brutality. The argument goes that law enforcement needs to be reined in and not be so militarized. However, gun control would require a massive, militarized police state dedicated to brutalizing its population in order to get those now-illegal firearms.

Liberals only like state power when it is in their own hands and is used to advance their agenda — which, unfortunately, is a lot of state power these days.

Liberals detest the constitution and everything for which it stands. In their view it should be a “living, breathing document” dontchaknow, malleable to their whims and desires. Besides, those old white men are not nearly as smart as the Lena Dunhams, Jimmy Kimmels, and Hillary Clintons of the world.

Good luck with your confiscations, Hollywood. I’ll be waiting for ya.