Philly Thug Draws Pistol At Chipotle

A Philadelphia “woman” allegedly pulled out a handgun and threatened Chipotle workers in the Rhawnhurst section of the city, demanding “somebody better give me my food.” Funny, I expect this at Waffle House, not Chipotle.

Philadelphia police are searching for a woman who pulled a gun on a Chipotle worker after being told to order online because the restaurant was short-staffed.

A surveillance video released by police Wednesday shows the angry customer grabbing a black firearm from her purse as she appeared to confront the people behind the counter. At one point, the gun-wielding woman told the workers that “somebody better give me my food,” according to police.

The store is only five miles from my residence. In the last few years, the trash has been slowly creeping north, destroying all the neighborhoods in their wake.

The shocking incident happened just before 5 p.m. at a mall in the city’s Rhawnhurst neighborhood. It all started when the cashier was instructed by her manager to tell customers waiting in line that the store was closing due to staffing issues and advise them to order online, authorities said.

The patron, who was accompanied by a man, immediately displayed her weapon and asked to speak with a manager, saying that if someone didn’t make her food she would be back and there would be a problem, according to police.

I find it hilarious that the author deems this incident “shocking.” We’re approaching 400 homicides, and this guy thinks pulling out a gun in Philadelphia is shocking? Dude needs to get out more often.