I Walk (And Jog) The Line

It’s been a while since I posted about my morbid obesity, so why not post an update during a lazy dog-danglin’ afternoon?

The bad news is the Wuhan Virus has closed my local gym, and I haven’t been there since early March. I’ve had a membership at Planet Fitness since last July, and I was going every other day to lift weights and hit the treadmills. On the off days I would walk or jog at least four miles every day, and my weight fluctuated between 180-185 pounds. It’s the lightest I’ve been in nearly thirty years. Life was good.

Then the Chinese screwed all of us. The gym closed – and will be closed until at least August – and the stress of all this led to bad eating habits. So yeah, thanks Governor Wolf. You prick.

The good news is I snapped out of the funk in April, and decided if I can’t get to the gym – I REALLY need my gym – I’ll find other outlets. Thank Vishnu I like to walk/jog.

To date, I have completed 76 workouts for a total of 295 miles this year. (It’s tracked by the Map My Walk app.) Recently I have been doing less walking and more jogging/running, and my endurance is top-notch. Yes, I would like to alternate with weight training, but all things considered, I’m doing well.

As of today, I am sitting at 187 pounds; a two pound gain since March 16th, and still under my kill zone of 190. I never want to go above 190 ever again.

So yeah, the gym would have me closer to 180, but I’m doing pretty well without it right now. I’m still a 34-inch waist, and while I could use plenty of tone, I am fairly happy with how I feel.

I mean, I’d like to be the kid pictured above again, but that’s never going to happen.