It’s Hammer Time!

Meet Marilyn Kepler of Bullhead City, Arizona. Marilyn needs her beauty sleep, so when she doesn’t get enough winks, she wakes up cranky. Felony-level cranky, to be exact.

Marilyn Ann Kepler, 74, has been charged with aggravated assault and domestic violence after she allegedly hit her boyfriend over the head with a hammer. Kepler, from Bullhead City, Arizona, was upset with her boyfriend, because he had left the television on overnight and ruined her sleep.

So this twat couldn’t get her wrinkly ass out of bed to turn the television off?

The boyfriend, also 74, told police that he woke up to Kepler hitting him with the hammer. He was able to convince her to take him to get medical attention, but Kepler instead drove past the hospital and pulled out a gun.

The victim wrestled the gun away from Kepler and jumped out of the car, where witnesses saw him and drove him for help. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

So crushing his skull with a hammer wasn’t enough; she had to pull out a gun, too? This is exactly how Ma Barker started.