New Jersey And You: Inept Together

While I am confident Pennsylvania is – currently – one of the worst-run states in the oh-so-tenuous Union, our neighbor state is arguably more inept.

You see, residents of New Jersey’s nursing homes were expecting the Chinese Wuhan Vaccine yesterday, but that’s not going to happen, since the state missed the deadline.

New Jersey nursing home residents won’t be getting vaccinated Monday — because state officials missed the deadline.

But yes, keep continuing to elect Democrats, New Jersey. It’s going swimmingly.

“In order to start on the 21st there was a deadline of the 7th … we missed that date by a day,” Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli admitted at a press conference Friday. “We asked to start on the 21st and they said, ‘No, you’ll start on the 28th.’ It was as simple as that,” Persichilli said.

Whose fault is that, Judith? You’re the asshole who missed the deadline! How many people are going to die because of your incompetence? If you had any shred of decency, you’d resign immediately.

The mishap comes as New Jersey is also getting 20 percent fewer doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines through the end of the year.

Bravo, Governor Murphy. You just keep hitting them out of the f**king park!