True Detective Stories

So, yesterday sucked copious amounts of arse.

We didn’t have a very busy day, and because of that, our supervisors needed something to do. In this case, one of our bosses decided to go full Nazi with our drunken mayor’s mask mandates.

The (completely illegal, in my opinion) mandate states vaccinated personnel must wear a mask in public spaces of the building. So when the squad is on the floor without any victims or offenders, those who are vaxxed do not have to wear a mask. (I’m special, because my desk has a giant Plexiglas barrier.) Those who are not vaccinated have to wear two masks at all times, whether in a public space or not.

I don’t think I have to explain how ridiculous this part of the mandate is, because 1. many virologists have claimed masks do not work, and 2. double masking leads to other problems. Like the problems The Red Menace – arguably my best work friend – experienced yesterday.

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The Proof Is In The Pudding

So, I received an email from Taminator Friday night, and he wanted me to know one of our regulars is having a few medical issues. (No, I don’t mean the rampant idiocy which comes with this blog.) Mike AKA Proof has been having heart trouble, and it looks like me may need a valve replacement.

Honestly, I could get this done in fifteen minutes with a PVC pipe and a blowtorch, but whatever.

I didn’t see the post right away, because between blogging, work, my 47 kids, and the ongoing dementia, it’s difficult to read every blog every day. That’s on me. I do want to let everyone know Proof needs our prayers, and you can read his post by clicking here.

Mike’s been a regular here for years, but apparently he forgot the only person in these parts who can have serious medical issues are me… and probably Amy Schumer.

Good luck, Mike. Hope you’re back to good health very soon.