Ukraine Trolls Russian Communications

There is a lot of propaganda coming out of Russia and Ukraine, but this story seems absolutely on the level. The Ukrainians have been intercepting Russian communications because the Soviets apparently do not have enough encrypted radios.

One of the many surprising failures of Russia’s aggression force in Ukraine was in radio communications. There are stories about troops using commercial walkie-talkies and Ukrainians intercepting their frequencies.

This may not be as serious as the lack of modern tanks or missiles, but it helps explain why Russian forces seem to be poorly linked, falling victim to ambushes and losing so many troops, reportedly including seven generals. What is happening to Russian radios?

I think the problem is Russia isn’t Russia anymore. It’s a corrupt state led by a dictator who is seemingly more concerned with graft than with the country’s defense. Here’s the best part…

There were reports of frequencies used by Russian forces being bombarded with heavy-metal music or other transmission from Ukrainian operators, sometimes during fighting.

Epic. If the Ukraine wants some suggestions, Julia is a heavy metal aficionado.