Not-So-Well Heeled

In a world where the average man is searching for beauty, the fashion industry is looking to do away with high heels. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Fashion Week is underway in New York City, which means you can count on seeing many models working to navigate the runway while wearing high heels.

From Louboutins to Manolo Blahniks, high heels have had their place in both pop culture and high fashion, but author Lauren Bravo says that the days of high heels could be numbered.

Bravo recounted her own history with heels in a piece for Refinery29 titled, “Down to Earth: Has 2019 Killed the High Heel?” She talks about having to go to the hospital in her 20s and how she protested when one of her roommates brought her flats to wear.

If crazy hot high heels puts a model or ten into the hospital, I am perfectly okay with that. Just sayin’.