President Winning Over Hispanic Voters

A recent poll showed President Trump is winning over the Hispanic electorate. Currently, the president is enjoying an approval rating at 44%, and would likely win 41% off the Hispanic vote if he faced “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders.

Forty-one percent.

He was told being strict on illegal immigration would doom him among Hispanic voters.

Yet President Trump has defied their predictions, from the moment he delivered his address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2013 — warning the Republican Party that legalizing 11 million illegal immigrants was political suicide — through the 2016 presidential election and into the White House.

Now nine months out from his second Election Day, and despite a tenure in the White House that has involved building a border wall, stepping up deportations and insulting some Latin American nations as “s—hole” countries, Mr. Trump is as strong as ever among Hispanic voters, according to the polls.

One poll puts his approval rating as high as 44% and shows him winning 41% of the Hispanic vote in a head-to-head match-up with Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont. That would best his 2016 showing of 28% support and put him in the running with President George W. Bush for the highest share of Hispanic votes for a GOP candidate. (H/TAOSHQ)

While that’s an amazing statistic, it’s also a reminder we cannot stay home on Election Day. Any of these Democrats could conceivably win this thing, so don’t get cocky. Get out and vote.