She’s Not A Fan

Mrs. Earp was substitute teaching at Princess P’s school Tuesday, and as she was walking down the hall, she saw a row of Eagles papers colored by the students. After looking for a moment, she found Julia’s, which can be seen at the left.

(It’s also at the bottom of this post, and if you click it, the photo will enlarge.)

Any hoo, Julia is not just a princess because she’s so darn cute, but also because she supports her father in his Eagles hatred. Instead of joining the mob and writing pro-Eagles slogans, Princess P wrote the following:

“Nah, I like the Beagles and the Puppy Bowl… And hockey… but whatever.”

She finished her ensemble by drawing the New Jersey Devils logo on her shirt. I’ve never been more proud of her!

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Canada. Is. Awesome.

Hockey is the greatest sport ever – with lacrosse a close second – so what better way to pass the time while being stuck in a fifty-car pile up?

A group of people involved in a massive pileup on Highway 40 near L’Assomption, Quebec — about 45 kilometres northeast of Montreal — turned a pretty garbage situation into a much more pleasant one Sunday when an impromptu game of hockey broke out as travelers waited for emergency crews to re-open the road.

Mathieu Daniel Wagner of Radio-Canada captured video evidence of this egregiously Canadian event.

Several people suffered minor injuries as a result of the accident, which caused the highway to be closed for several hours as between an estimated 40 and 50 cars were involved in the enormous collision.

Gotta love people who leave sticks in their car all year round. When I played ice hockey in men’s leagues, I always had a stick in the trunk. You never know when you’re gonna need it.

The video is below the fold…

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