Getting Ahead Of The Game

So here’s something you don’t see every day – at least not in France, anyway. A man was arrested after police found him carrying a knife in one hand and his father’s head in the other.

A man has been arrested in France after being found with his father’s decapitated head in one hand and the knife that was presumably used to remove it in the other, police near the Lyon suburb of Saint-Priest say.

The horrific incident began when police found the father’s body in a parking lot over the weekend. Locals had reported witnessing a heated debate among the family members and the son chasing his father around with a large knife.

See if you can guess this man’s religion. I’ll wait.

Witnesses say the assailant yelled “Allah Akbar,” or God is Great, which has been traditionally linked to terrorist attacks, but the police have determined that the incident was a family feud, according to ActuLyon news site.

Police then followed a trail of blood to where the son, 25, was standing with undeniable evidence. Police say they struggled with the son to detain him.

So this psychopath decapitated his father and just stood outside holding a knife and his father’s head. Got it. I truly feel badly for those residents in France who wanted nothing to do with these Islamists coming to their shores. Nothing good has come from it. Nothing at all.