You may remember a post I put up about Kevin being interviewed by the local prep school. While he was nervous at first, he told us afterward that the interview went well.

On Sunday, he was invited to a breakfast gathering at the school, and while I was working, Mrs. Earp went with him for the event. Kevin and Mrs. Earp were seated at a table with other parents and prospective students eating breakfast. Shortly thereafter, the administrators passed out boxes (above) to all the prospective candidates.

Mrs. Earp didn’t know what was going on at first, then she realized what was happening.

Kevin was accepted to Holy Ghost Preparatory School!

Mrs. Earp sent me a text shortly afterward, and I, like her, thought they would mail us the acceptance letter. The letter was inside the box, along with a few other goodies. Kevin was very happy to be accepted, but Kevin being Kevin, he once again said the tuition was very expensive. I told him, again, that if he wants to go there, we’ll make it happen.

Having said that, we’re still going to have him take the Neumann Scholarship test, and if he is lucky enough to be awarded that, he’ll have a free ride through any Philadelphia Archdiocese high school.

I am very happy Kevin was accepted and am extraordinarily proud of him.