The Worst Little Whorehouse In Florida

Meet Amparo Latin Barillas and her son Glin Yan Zuniga Latin of Palm Beach, Flori-Duh. They say the family who plays together stays together. In this case they will soon stay together in separate jail cells.

A mother-and-son duo are accused of running a brothel out of a South Florida home — with one sex worker alleging she was paid according to how many condoms were used by the end of her shift. The relatives were caught after investigators began probing a complaint that 15-year-old girls were being offered to men for sex.

Under surveillance and by deploying fake “johns” authorities said detectives learned that 28-year-old son Glin Yan Zuniga Latin and his 52-year-old mother, Amparo Latin Barillas, were allegedly running the brothel.

Thankfully, the mother was running the front door and not doing tricks. *shudder*

The mother was reportedly in charge of working the door and accepting cash payments, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office alleged.

Each sick encounter had a 15-minute time limit. (H/TMike AKA Proof)

Oh, no worries there. I’m lucky if I last three minutes – including undressing and dressing. Also, and I believe I mentioned this before, criminals who smile for their mug shots are usually psychopaths.