She’s Still Jenni From The Block

Meet Jenni Lee, AKA Stephanie Saddora. Jenni was on top of the pr0n world and her films were busting out all over. Sadly, Jenni has gone down a little too far into one of Las Vegas’ holes.

Jenni Lee was one of the most successful porn actresses in the world. But last month she was found living in the tunnels under Las Vegas fighting for survival.

Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a sinister 200 mile-long labyrinth inhabited by thousands who have lost everything to the city above. Jenni Lee’s shocking living situation was discovered by a film crew making a documentary about the tunnels.

Jenni Lee, AKA Stephanie Saddora, still has over 45,000 subscribers on a popular porn website and is ranked as “Pornstar number 119” in the world. Her latest porn film was added just one year ago, but the former X-rated actress features in more than 232 videos that are still readily available online.

Wow, that’s a tough pill to swallow, amirite?

Hobo With A Shotgun

Pauley PerretteMeet actress Pauley Perrette. Pauley, if that is her real name, took to teh Twitterz this week after she claims she was accosted by a homeless man in Los Angeles.

NCIS star Pauley Perrette has claimed that ‘yes, again’, she had another encounter with a homeless man while she was on her way home from work – the second time in less than three months. She said she was at a stop light on Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, during rush-hour traffic when saw the ‘pretty off homeless guy’ asking for money.

Perrette then grabbed a dollar bill from her glove compartment, rolled down her window to give it to him when he grabbed her wrist, stuck his whole head inside her car and asked for the time.

‘He grabbed my wrist and put his whole head inside my car,’ she wrote in an explanation of the incident, which she posted to Twitter.

Okay, let me say this about that. First of all, why is it liberalism always overtakes common sense with these bimbo actresses? If the man was “pretty off,” why the frak would you 1. give him money, 2. roll down your window, and 3. let him shove his head into your car?

Similarly, if you tolerated a previous scary experience with a homeless man, why would you open yourself up – phrasing – to another? Look, I’m glad Pauley wasn’t hurt, but that is where my sympathy – or is it empathy? – ends. Dumbass should have learned her lesson the first time.