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The homicide rate in Philadelphia is skyrocketing this year – as of Wednesday, the city is boasting 346 homicides – and the police commissioner is taking the bull by the horns… by transferring the Homicide Division’s commanding officer. Eh, what?

Capt. John Ryan, who had led the unit since July 2017, is leaving the unit effective Friday, department spokesperson Jeff Chrusch said Thursday. The move is “one of several command changes that have happened over the past several weeks,” he said.

Captain Ryan is not a detective. He does not handle cases, does not process scenes, and does not interview witnesses. Transferring him is like firing a sports coach. Sure, it makes the people feel good, but it’s the players who win or lose games.

The move comes at the end of a year in which the city has recorded more homicides than in any year since 2007, when 391 people were killed. Officials have said that a surge in drug-related killings has contributed to the spike. The number of homicides this year in which drugs have been considered the primary motive is almost double the number of drug-related killings last year, according to police statistics.

I’ve mentioned this many times before, but it bears repeating: Larry Krasner, the district attorney hand-picked by George Soros – is not diligently prosecuting violent crimes. Shooters are seeing ridiculous sentences like probation and time served, and murderers are given embarrassing plea deals which sees them back on the streets much more quickly.

In fact, we’ve had shooting suspects tell us they know even if they get caught, Krasner and his cronies won’t give them any real punishment. So why stop shooting their rivals?

Perhaps more significant for Ryan — who oversaw a unit dedicated to solving murders — the unit’s clearance rate, or the percentage of cases considered “closed” by arrest or other means, was about 44 percent this year, police statistics show. Last year, the rate was about 42 percent…

Clearance rates are meaningless, because it gives the impression every homicide can 1. be solved, and 2. produce good witnesses. Philly is a “Stop Snitchin'” town, and it’s rather difficult to solve cases when no one wants to be a witness.

Look, I’m not giving the Homicide Division a pass – they have much more tools to solve cases than regular detectives like myself, and some of the people there are there because they know some high-ranking boss. Acceptance into Homicide is based on everything BUT merit. That said, the Philadelphia fish wraps want you to believe 1. Ryan’s transfer will make a difference (it won’t) and 2. solving homicides can be done in an hour, just like Law & Order.

Welcome To Killadelphia


Never one to back of a challenge, the thugs of Philadelphia have seen Chicago’s shooting numbers and raised them fifteen shootings and five homicides in fifteen hours. *drops mic*

A violent day on the streets of Philadelphia left five people dead, including rapper Meek Mill’s cousin, in numerous shootings and stabbings over the span of about 15 hours on Tuesday.

Philadelphia’s homicide rate, according to police statistics, is currently up 11 percent year over year compared with 2015. As of Tuesday, the city has recorded 203 homicides so far in 2016, compared with 181 as of the same date last year.

Those numbers are debatable, by the way. (If we get a lot of people, it can be mass debatable.) The city has been fudging homicide numbers since Ed Rendell was mayor. I can guarantee the homicide numbers are much higher than 203, but no one in the administration will admit it because it’s bad optics.