By Hook Or By Crook

Hookers For HillaryThe consummate political whore just received the support of a few hundred semen distribution technicians. Be advised: this story is dripping with irony… and goop.

A group of Nevada sex workers calling themselves Hookers 4 Hillary is trying to arouse interest for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of the state’s caucus on Saturday. The group is backing Clinton because they believe she is the presidential candidate most likely to protect Obamacare from being repealed.

“Obamacare allows us to get health care without classifying us as illegal workers,” Ivy Mae, 25, said. “Not having it canceled is a big deal.”

Well, if you’re looking for a candidate who has a laissez-faire attitude toward criminality, look no further than the Hilldebeest.

“If you tell me you’re caucusing or voting for Hillary, I will give you a free lunch or 30 extra minutes to use however you like,” [Caressa] Kisses said.

What if the client wants to use the extra thirty minutes to eat… lunch?

Actually, now that I think about it, there is probably a good chance Hillary or her “longtime companion” Huma Abdein would take up this offer as well. Try to get that mental picture out of your head.