California Schemin’

In one of the most disgusting crimes you’ll see this month, a California waitress was filmed sliding a hot dog into her vagina before delivering it to a customer.

Everyone has heard the stories of fast-food workers spitting on a burger before sending it out to the customer, but this waitress goes the extra mile to soil someone’s hot dog in one of the most disgusting ways possible.

The camera in this kitchen caught the waitress taking the hot dog out of the bun, waiting until a restaurant worker within view walks away, and then hiking up her skirt, spreading her legs and carefully sliding the hot dog inside her vagina.

After she’s sufficiently greased up the hot dog, she slides it out and holds it at each end as if to quickly inspect it. She then lays the meat back in the bun. At just that moment, the same worker whom she waited on to leave prior to her action came back into the kitchen, completely unaware of the sanitary violation that just occurred. (H/T – Jim F.)

Ironically, this is Bill Clinton’s favorite eatery. This woman needs to be arrested and/or brutally beaten, sent to prison, and served food prepared by her victim for the rest of her miserable, disgusting life.