Alien Nation

The last thing I want to do this weekend is post about politics – I am truly getting sick and tired of it all – this post was necessary. House Democrats have voted to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote.

House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.

The vote marks a stunning reversal from just six months ago, when the chamber — then under GOP control — voted to decry illegal immigrant voting.

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.

The measure would have had no practical effect even if it had passed. Illegal immigrants — and indeed noncitizens as a whole — are not legally able to participate in federal elections.

So the Democrats are now the party of antisemitism, post-birth abortion, socialism, and granting illegal immigrants the right to vote. Well, if nothing else, they are at least dropping their masks.

I’d like to think this would benefit President Trump, but considering the thought process of the average American voter, I honestly don’t know what to expect in 2020.

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