Judge Rules What We Already Knew

A Virginia Circuit Court judge has found Virginia’s mail-n ballot law, where late ballots without postmarks would be counted, is illegal. Congratulations judge, you’re two months too late.

Virginia Circuit Court Judge William Eldridge said that Virginia’s mail-in ballot rule violated state elections law and issued an injunction preventing the state from adopting the rule for future elections, the Daily Caller reported. The judge’s decision was announced by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a legal group representing Frederick County electoral board member Thomas Reed in his case against the state mail-in ballot law.

“This is a big win for the Rule of Law,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said. “This consent decree gives Mr. Reed everything he requested – a permanent ban on accepting ballots without postmarks after Election Day and is a loss for the Virginia bureaucrats who said ballots could come in without these protections.”

Big deal. The Democrats will just cheat in the next election – and every election after that – because they got away with it in 2020. The concept that America still has free and fair elections is a pipedream. Voting is a wasted effort in this country, because we will never overcome the rampant fraud.

The result is that none of the contested ballots were counted in the November election and Judge Eldridge’s final ruling siding with Reed over the Virginia elections board will not change the outcome.

So none of this matters. No one was charged with wrongdoing, and no one will be removed, fined, or censored. Of course the Virginia Board of Elections ruling was illegal, but they implemented it anyway. This November, they will implement another illegal policy, and they will be told it’s illegal in January 2022, when it’s too late. Again.