DHS And ICE Are Rewarding Illegals

During these trying economic times, many of us are being very careful with our money. It’s not like money is rolling in, so all of us have had to tighten our belts a bit. Well, everyone except illegal immigrants.

The illegitimate president’s administration has officially canceled fines for illegals who do not leave the country, and also – get this – canceled their debt.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Friday that fines for illegal immigrants who fail to leave the United States would cease, according to a DHS press release.

At the direction of Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rescinded two delegation orders relating to financial penalties. The fines, which were first put in place in 2018 by the Trump administration, collected “civil financial penalties for noncitizens who fail[ed] to depart the U.S,” according to the press release.

Interesting. I don’t remember the illegitimate president dismissing fines for legal Americans or canceling our debt. Hmm, I wonder who is going to pick up the tab on all that lost revenue?

It’s a mystery.

Illegitimate Disabled President Is A Racist

Illegitimate President Joe Biden embarrassed himself, the United States, and the Japanese Prime Minister Friday after referring to Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama as a “Japanese Boy.”

During a Friday press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, Biden attempted to compliment Japanese Masters champion Hideki Matsuyama, by referring to the 29-year-old man as a “Japanese boy.”

“Yoshi, I know how proud you are — the people of Japan are — and you’ve got a Japanese boy coming over here, and guess what? He won the Masters. He won the Masters. He won the green jacket,” Biden said in the Rose Garden.

Hideki Matsuyama, a full-grown adult, won the Masters at Augusta National on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time he’s spouted insensitive, racist tropes, and it won’t be the last. Of course, Biden usually had the sense to not say racist things in front of a foreign Prime Minister.

You can see the video at the link if you’re so inclined, since I doubt the mainstream media even mentioned it.

Terrorists Are Entering The Border

The illegitimate president’s administration “disappeared” an official Customs press release concerning two Yemeni terrorists who entered the U.S. southern border illegally.

As of the morning of Tuesday, April 6th, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection had deleted the following press release, which The National Pulse is publishing in full, unedited, below.

Hmm, I wonder why the illegitimate president would do such a thing? Probably because it’s likely not the first time terrorists came through the now-porous border?

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested two Yemeni men within the last 2 months that were identified on a terrorism watch list.

The first incident occurred on January 29, at approximately 1:10 a.m., when agents assigned to the El Centro Station arrested a man for illegally entering the United States. Agents apprehended the man approximately three miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry and transported him to the El Centro Processing Center for immigration and criminal history screening. Agents conducted records checks, which revealed that the man, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Yemen, was on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List as well as on the No-Fly list.

Additionally, agents found a cellular phone sim card hidden underneath the insole of his shoe. The man was transferred to the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The second incident occurred on March 30, at approximately 11:30 p.m., when agents assigned to the El Centro Station arrested a man for illegally entering the United States. Agents apprehended the man approximately two miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry and transported him to the El Centro Processing Center for immigration and criminal history screening.

All that work President Trump put into border security, and it has been undone in what, a month or two? Buy guns and ammo, because eventually, these terrorists are coming to your town, with the blessing of the illegitimate president.

So Much For The Hilarity

The Illegitimate President’s illegitimate administration has decided they will not allow Slow Joe to throw out the first pitch during the Washington National’s season opener. Imagine all the laughs we could have had seeing this senile fool throwing a baseball at the mascot.

Chelsea Janes, national baseball reporter for the Washington Post, first reported the news.

“President Biden will not be throwing out the first pitch at Opening Day at Nationals Park Thursday,” Janes wrote on Twitter. “When asked, Nats confirmed he will not throw out the first pitch, but a spokeswoman said ‘We look forward to welcoming President Biden to Nationals Park in the future.’”

Yeah, he can wander around the stadium asking people if they would like their hair sniffed.

Masses Of Illegals Captured At Border

The amount of illegal immigrants crossing the border has skyrocketed in February, with nearly 100,000 illegals captured, and the highest February total since 2006.

Wow, the Illegitimate President is on the fast track toward destruction.

Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 100,000 migrants in February who illegally crossed the Mexico-U.S. Border between ports of entry. The apprehensions reveal a jump of 26 percent from January and 170 percent from one year ago.

Border Patrol agents apprehended 98,974 migrants in February who illegally crossed the border in February, according to the Southwest Land Border Encounters Report released on Wednesday by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. This represents a massive increase from the 78,323 apprehended in January and an even larger jump from February 2020 when agents apprehended only 36,687. The February 2021 apprehensions are the largest February report since 2006 when agents apprehended 125,046.

These apprehensions occurred during President Joe Biden’s first full month in office and follows his cancellation of border wall systems construction and many of the Trump-era policies that ended catch and release.

The good news is this new crop of illegals will not only destroy the American economy, but they’ll also receive free government benefits and eventually take your jobs.

Kayleigh On The Daily

Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s most epic Press Secretary, appeared on Fox Business Monday and asked a very pertinent political question. Namely, “Where is Illegitimate President Joe Biden?”

Any of you MSM clowns want to respond?

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took to Fox Business on Monday morning to criticize President Joe Biden for not having appeared in a press conference in 44 days. McEnany was asked if Biden will have to hold a new conference at some point.

“The pressure’s mounting when you have even left wing outlets calling him out for this but I would say it’s extraordinary that he hasn’t taken questions, certainly 100 year record,” McEnany noted. “But this is not unprecedented… The basement strategy is what he employed on the campaign trail. He went something like 50 days and he only took questions twice and when he did they were hand-picked questions,” she continued.

There’s a special place in Hell for “Doctor” Jill Biden, allowing her husband to waste away in front of the American people, while she enjoys unprecedented power and access.

“I think his staff does not have faith that he can stand at the podium and have a press conference the way President Trump did many times.”

Kayleigh is absolutely, one hundred percent correct in that assumption. Mark Levin had a few audio clips of Slow Joe Monday evening, and the man couldn’t name his Secretary of Defense, or to which department he was assigned. My educated guess is Kamala Harris is already running the show.

No Big Deal: Just Biden Snubbing Israel

Illegitimate president Joe Biden is the first president in four decades to not contact Israeli leaders after being sworn into office. I suspect the Israeli delegation will be escorted out of the White House through the kitchen, as was the policy in the Obama administration.

President Joe Biden is the first American leader in 40 years not to contact Israel’s leaders as one of his first actions in the White House, setting up what could be four years of chilly relations between America and its top Middle East ally.

Biden has already phoned multiple world leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, but during his 23 days in office has yet to speak with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—making Biden the first president in modern history to punt on bolstering U.S.-Israel relations during his initial days in office. Every president going back to at least Ronald Reagan in 1981 made contact with their Israeli counterpart within a week of assuming office, according to a review of news reports.

Biden won’t contact our strongest ally in the Middle East, but he’ll call our enemies in Russia and China.

Congressional foreign policy leaders slammed Biden’s Netanyahu snub, prompting a flurry of questions for White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who has declined to disclose when or if Biden will call the Israeli leader. Psaki also said on Friday the White House would not list Israel as a U.S. ally when asked about the relationship during her daily press briefing.

The good news is anti-Semitism is back in a big way! Biden fever: catch it!

The Funniest Thing You’ll Read All Day

Richard Trumka, the uber-corrupt leader of the equally corrupt AFL-CIO wet his pants after the illegitimate president canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline.

The move is likely to cost union workers 11,000 jobs, and since the union went all-in for Biden, I think this is delicious.

AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka slammed President Joe Biden during an interview that aired in part on Sunday over his executive order that canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which cost a lot of people their jobs.

“Organized labor is crucial to the Biden coalition. But there are significant tensions among environmentalists, the president’s team addressing climate change and some parts of the labor movement,” Axios reported. “The Laborers’ International Union of North America said the Keystone decision will cost 1,000 existing union jobs and 10,000 projected construction jobs.”

Trumka said that he “thinks” that Biden realizes it was a mistake to sign the executive order costing Americans jobs during the middle of a pandemic.

Trumka doesn’t even get halfway through the interview before he starts wavering on Biden. What an absolute worm. Well, if nothing else, the members of the AFL-CIO have the perfect person to lead them down the road to ruin.

Dead People To Receive Stimulus Checks

Amongst the millions of “free money” checks sent out by the illegitimate president’s administration will be stimulus checks mailed to dead people. I mean, they had enough of them vote in 2020, so I assume they feel like they owe them for their participation.

Direct stimulus payments will go to deceased people if the Democratic-led Congress passes President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, according to Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste. The IRS has previously sent stimulus payments to some who have died.

Congress passed the $2.2 trillion CARES Act last March. After former President Trump signed it into law, people were reporting that their deceased relatives received stimulus checks or direct payments in their checking accounts.

My mother got a check from the government after she passed. My sister hasn’t cashed it because she knows they will eventually come looking for it.

Schatz explained that the economic impact payments are based on previously filed tax returns. We’d be the one family they go after.

“So if somebody paid taxes two years ago, or last year, and has now passed away, that check is going to show up,” he said. “And of course, there’s fraud related to that as well, people keeping the names of their deceased relatives or parents or siblings and just collecting checks, and they would qualify too, unfortunately.”

90,000 checks were sent to dead people in 2009, and apparently the rolls have not been purged. As a result, plenty of dead people are going to receive checks, and plenty of others will cash them, knowing full well the recipient has passed away.

But remember, governmental employees are the most special people in the world.

Meet The New (Illegitimate) Boss

The illegitimate president signed three new executive orders yesterday eliminating President Trump’s immigration policies. Biden issued a record twenty-five in his first week, because apparently the legislative branch has been abolished. But remember, Trump was a dictator. Or something.

Biden addressed the press in the Oval Office prior to signing three new executive orders geared towards rolling back immigration policies from former President Donald Trump’s administration.

“I want to make it clear. There’s a lot of talk, with good reason, about the number of executive orders that I have signed. I’m not making new law. I’m eliminating bad policy,” Biden continued. “What I’m doing is taking on the issues that 99% of them, that the last President of the United States issued executive orders that I thought were very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration. This is about how America is safer, stronger, more prosperous when we have a fair, orderly, and humane legal immigration system.”

Take a moment to read the highlighted run-on “sentence” above and see if you understand what the hell this dementia-addled dope is saying.

With the addition of Tuesday’s three executive orders, Biden has signed a total of 28 executive orders, 10 Presidential memorandums, and 4 proclamations.

There is some good news, though. Biden’s new immigration policies will ensure his declining economy will continue to plummet for the next eight years.