Oklahoma Is Not OK

Despite what the corrupt anti-Trump media is reporting, everyone in America has not jumped aboard the impeachment train. Take the constituents of impeachment-curious Democrat Representative Kendra Horn. They’re not happy about their congress-critter spending time with a fake impeachment instead of working to improve Oklahoma.

Constituents ripped Democratic Oklahoma Rep. Kendra Horn, saying Democrats focus too much on impeachment and too little on improving the lives of Americans.

Horn, who represents most of Oklahoma, Pottawatomie and Seminole counties, spoke at a Sunday town hall meeting where voters angrily questioned her on why she continues to focus on impeachment. President Donald Trump won Horn’s district in the 2016 presidential election, and eight Republicans announced they will run for her vulnerable seat in 2020, according to the Oklahoman.

“As an independent voter, I think you’re in a lot of trouble if you vote for this impeachment,” said Edmond, Oklahoma, resident Susan Jaslow, the Oklahoman reported. Jaslow voted for Horn in 2018, but said she is upset about the impeachment circus. “If she votes for impeachment, she’s screwed,” Jaslow added.

“We want Congress to get back to work for the American people, please,” said Ronda Peterson, who identified herself as a conservative.

I’d like to think this is the norm instead of the exception, especially throughout middle America. The average American citizen is more concerned with their own quality of life, and very uninterested in political theatrics.

After three years of illegal spying, Stalinist show trials, and impeachment proceedings, I believe many voters will take out their frustrations on the Democratic Party next November.

Mitch McConnell Is A Disgusting Worm

Senate Majority Head – he’s hardly a leader – Mitch McConnell kowtowed to a member of the corrupt press and paraphrased, “Why yes, we will definitely hold impeachment proceedings after Schiff’s show trials are finished.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Wednesday that the Senate cannot dismiss the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, meaning there will be a trial.

“I don’t think there’s any question that we have to take up the matter. The rules of impeachment are very clear, we’ll have to have a trial. My own view is that we should give people the opportunity to put the case on,” McConnell told reporters after being asked about dismissing the articles of impeachment.

That’s bullshit and McConnell knows it. He runs the Senate, and with a GOP majority he can do whatever the f**k he wants. Schumer certainly had no problem changing the rules to favor the party in power, so McConnell could, too. The fact is he doesn’t want to, because he would be fine if the president was removed from office. I despise these mother**kers. Truly.

The Caller contacted all 53 Republican Senate offices to ask if senators would rule out voting to remove Trump from office, and received a variety of responses–seven senators explicitly rejected impeachment in their statement.

So besides Willard “The Rat” Romney, Ben Sassy, Joni Ernst, and Lisa Murkowski, how many other GOP senators will vote with the Democrats? Imagine how much could get done if the GOP treated the Democrats as the opposing, enemy party.

The Turtle Comments On Impeachment

Feckless Senate Majority Mitch McConnell emerged from his turtle shell yesterday, which means we are due for six more weeks of winter. It also means the media caught Mitch before he could scurry away and asked him the chances of impeaching President Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday the Senate would acquit President Donald Trump if the impeachment trial were held today.

“I will say I’m pretty sure how it’s likely to end,” McConnell told reporters, according to Politico. “If it were today I don’t think there’s any question — it would not lead to a removal. So the question is how long does the Senate want to take? How long do the presidential candidates want to be here on the floor of the Senate instead of in Iowa and New Hampshire?”

McConnell has been highly critical of the Democrats’ impeachment process against Trump, arguing last week that the president was being denied due process. McConnell has said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “in the clutches of a left-wing mob” that caused her to pursue impeachment.

How about this, Mitch? Since you’ve been hiding in your office these last three years while the president is fighting – alone – against the leftist mobs, how about we agree there will never be a removal? I mean, you like your cushy job and ill-gotten “contributions,” right? So let’s go with this: you don’t remove a duly-elected president, and you’ll also be the man who stopped the next civil war. How’s that sound?

Pelosi To Take Impeachment Vote

Nancy Pelosi, arguably the most corrupt House Speaker in modern history, announced she will hold a vote for their “impeachment inquiry.” They had nothing with their Russian collusion hoax, and they have even less now; but hey, if they drop all this they’d have to start working for their constituents.

Can’t have that.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Monday that the House will vote on a resolution to formalize the next steps of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

The resolution will be the first floor vote on impeachment since Pelosi and House Democrats launched their inquiry a month ago, Politico reported.

“We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump Administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said in a letter to Democrats.

The day after the election, Mark Levin said the Democrats will try to impeach him almost immediately. In fact, their coup began before the election ever occurred. Ironically, Hillary Clinton suggested President Trump would not accept the results of the 2016 election, and here we are, three years later, still suffering through fake impeachment theater.

They. Will. Never. Stop.

Democrats have continued to send congressional subpoenas to those close to Trump for documents related to the ongoing scandal regarding Trump’s phone call with the President of Ukraine and whether Trump asked him to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for U.S. military aid to Ukraine.

Yeah, I normally enjoy the Daily Caller, but this author is either willfully ignorant or a NeverTrump clown. Not only is there no “scandal” here, but the transcripts have been released, and there was no quid pro quo. Maybe Henry Rodgers should read the transcript before jumping into the deep end of the fake news pool.

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President

The most corrupt politician in American history appeared on CBS yesterday to remind everyone that Orange. Man. Bad. During the softball interview, Hillary actually claimed President Trump was “obsessed” with her. No projection there.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday on CBS that she supported the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and that she won’t accept four more years with him in office.

Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton spoke about their newest book, “The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience” on “CBS Sunday Morning” with Jane Pauley. The interview touched on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat in the presidential election and the House of Representative’s recent decision to launch an official impeachment inquiry into the president.

“There should be an impeachment inquiry opened,” Hillary Clinton said Sunday. “And I don’t care who you’re for in the Democratic primary or whether you’re a Republican. I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president,” Clinton said. “The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

The woman who was never charged with deleting tens of thousands of government emails, running a home-brewed internet server in her bathroom, and leaving four Americans to die in Benghazi claims no one is above the law? The balls on this woman!

I mean, it’s great to see Hillary riding that impeachment train – never saw that coming – but how and why is she still relevant in 2019? The woman ran a terrible presidential campaign, got stomped by a political novice, and hasn’t stopped crying about it since. How many times can Americans hear the exact same woe-is-me story from this bint?

Oh, and by the way Hillary, Russian collusion had no bearing on your epic, monumental loss. It had to do with your lack of likability, and the fact you ignored states like Wisconsin and Michigan. Plus, you’re a terrible person. And that’s ME saying that!

Pelosi Approves Impeachment Inquiry

Disgraced Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has approved an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, proving once again the Democrats still refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Why not move ahead with the actual impeachment, instead of pretending to move forward?

It’s certainly not about principles. The notion that Pelosi, or any of the other leftist clamoring for impeachment, are interested in preserving the republic is undermined by the array of policies they support that directly conflict with the Constitution. Moreover, Pelosi knows Trump almost surely won’t be removed, and all of this is about creating an investigation to dominate the 2020 election cycle.

It’s not about a national appetite for impeachment, either. Although public attitudes can be fickle, polls show widespread “meh” on the idea of impeachment. A recent Monmouth Univ. poll, mirroring many others, puts support for impeachment at around 35 percent—hardcore Democrats, basically.

Then again, by my rough calculation, approximately 100 percent of progressive Twitter media and MSNBC Republicans are fully and immediately on board. Pelosi is placating the far-left, the hysterical podcasters, the CNN hosts, and WaPo bloggers who believe everything Trump says is an existential threat to democracy. Democrats convicted Trump the day he was elected.

Pardon my French, but I hate these fucking people. There are no “moderate Democrats” anymore, and anyone with a “D” next to their name is my enemy. Politician, candidate, average citizen, I don’t care. You and your ilk are destroying the country, destroying Trump’s presidency, and destroying people’s lives because your garbage candidate lost.

Fuck you and everyone who votes like you.

Democrats Still Screwing That Chicken

This weekend, Nancy Pelosi decried more high crimes and misdemeanors by President Trump. This time, it revolves around a phone call to the president of Ukraine. Another week, another threat of impeachment by the Democratic Party. Don’t worry, leftists; this is the scandal that will end Trump’s presidency. Swearsies, realsies.

In a letter to lawmakers Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) issued a warning about the Trump administration’s continued efforts to block acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire from turning over a whistleblower complaint that reportedly involves the president.

“If the Administration persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to Congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties by the President, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation.”

It’s likely that the “new stage of investigation” that Pelosi is referring to is impeachment. House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) — who along with Pelosi has refrained from endorsing impeachment until there’s enough public support — said Sunday that the whistleblower controversy could leave Democrats with no other choice.

Imagine wasting three years trying to usurp a duly-elected president because he hurt your feelings. Seriously Democrats, name one productive thing you have done to help the country since 2016?

For those of you who don’t know – nor care – about this latest “scandal,” it’s explained below.

Trump confirmed on Sunday that he spoke to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in July about possibly investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

In May of 2014, Hunter Biden – son of then-Vice President Joe Biden – was awarded a board position on a Ukraine natural gas extraction company. The position was very lucrative, and Biden obviously “earned” the position because he was the son of the American vice-president. President Trump obviously thought this Ukraine deal was shady at best, and allegedly asked Urkaine to conduct an investigation into the matter.

Now Pelosi is bringing up impeachment. Again. I say go for it, because it would be the greatest gift to the president’s reelection effort ever imagined.

And by the way, notice how the Democrats have no problem with investigating the president and everyone in his circle, but they’re totes offended when someone else calls for an investigation? Funny how that works.

“You Are One Ugly Mother-“

Meet newly sworn-in Congresscritter Rashida Tliab. Rashida is a disgusting piece of anti-Israel filth; a description she confirmed during her first day in Congress.

Just hours after being sworn into Congress on Thursday, Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib promised to go after President Donald Trump, telling a group of left-wing supporters she would help Democrats “impeach the motherf**ker.”

Gee Rashida, do you kiss your goat-humping husband with that mouth? Oh, I guess you don’t because he divorced your ample, pimple-covered ass in 2015.

Tlaib, who was one of two Muslim women sworn into Congress, made the remarks at a rally held by MoveOn near Capitol Hill, according to reporters at the event.

Tlaib’s remarks show just how eager some Democrats are to remove Trump from office. Earlier on Thursday, just after Democrats officially took over the House, Democratic California Rep. Brad Sherman reintroduced articles of impeachment against Trump.

Good luck with that, assholes. If you want a second civil war, it would be best if you remember which side has all the guns.

I am so sick of these Democrats and their games. You want to impeach the president because you refuse to accept the results of an election? Go for it. Just don’t be surprised when the rest of us rise up.

Maxine Waters, National Treasure

The above headline is not a joke, nor is it splashed with my usual dose of sarcasm. No, Maxine Waters (Idiot – California) is truly a national treasure. The woman may be mentally deranged, but she does more to ensure the reelection of President Trump than any leftist politician in America. Embrace her!

The California Congresswoman went after the president while accepting an award from the Stonewall Young Democrats on Saturday in Los Angeles. At one point in the 20-minute speech, she bragged about threatening Trump supporters.

“I’m in this fight and I’m not gonna move,” she told the crowd. “And, as you know, there’s a difference in how some of our leadership talk about how we should handle all of this.

“They say, ‘Maxine, please don’t say impeachment anymore. And when they say that, I say impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment, impeachment,” she said to applause.

The woman is truly conservatives’ greatest ally.

Waters told the crowd she won’t stop with Trump.

“I had a conversation here today with someone asked, ‘Well, what about Pence? If you are able to impeach, Pence will be worse,’” she recollected. “Well, I said, ‘Look, one at a time. You knock one down, and we’ll be ready for Pence. We’ll get him, too,” she vowed.

After that, Maxine will impeach Paul Ryan, then Orrin hatch, Mike Pompeo, Steven Mnuchin, James Mattis, Jeff Sessions… You go, girl!

Don’t Spare The Rod

Members of the House Freedom Caucus introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein yesterday, citing Rosenstein’s continual contempt of Congress.

Republican lawmakers introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the top official in the Department of Justice’s oversight of Robert Mueller’s investigation into collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign on Wednesday.

Rep. Mark Meadows, North Carolina, and Rep. Jim Jordan, Ohio, led the charge along with nine other congress members to begin the articles after they met with DOJ officials. The other co-sponsors have not been named publicly yet.

“The impeachment articles come as evidence continues to mount regarding the Department of Justice’s problematic decision making during the 2016 campaign and conduct surrounding the transition to President Trump’s administration in 2017,” a joint statement explained.

They cite a lack of accountability for the failures of the Department of Justice’s oversight of the special counsel, and the lack of cooperation between them and Congress as the reason for the decision.

I realize this effort will literally go nowhere – the GOP establishment won’t fall into line – but it is nice to see some Republicans standing up to the deep state and their lackeys.