Shut Up, Meg

There are even more reasons to cheer for Meghan Markle’s rejection of her royalty status: the decision is sending many Meghan Markle impersonators to the unemployment lines. God save the Queen.

Amid all the kerfuffle over Megxit, spare a thought for the Meghan Markle lookalikes whose work may dry up now that the former actress and her husband, Prince Harry, are severing ties with the British royal family.

They include Sarah Mhlanga, the UK’s foremost Markle doppelgänger, who says she enjoys playing the 38-year-old “because she’s so smiley,” but adds that she is taking the dramatic change to her situation in stride.

Mhlanga, 36, of Manchester, England, who describes herself as an actress, says she gets mistaken for the duchess wherever she goes.

Wow, and Mhlanga believes that’s a good thing? It’s like being mistaken for Michelle Obama or Adam Schiff. Most people would be embarrassed.