Feel-Good Friday

Since most of my readers are in their 90’s – kidding, kidding – I thought this was a great Feel-Good Friday post. A study at University College London asked older folks to try red light therapy, and it apparently improved the vision of the subjects.

Lord knows my eyes are bad enough now; I cannot imagine how bad they’ll be in another fifteen years or so.

The simple of act of staring at a deep-red or near infrared light source for about three minutes was found to be enough to improve color vision in those suffering from failing eyesight.

The potential treatment allows the mitochondria in the human retina to produce more ATP, the principal energy currency of all cells, and offers a chance of keeping good color vision long into our golden years.

Just a single short trial run in 24 people was enough to improve their color vision for multiple days up to a week, and was most effective when performed in the morning. This is because the wavelength of light that was found to be effective is only present in our Earth sky at that time of day, and it’s also the time when the retinal-mitochondria produce the most ATP.

This could be a breakthrough for everyone suffering from poor vision. The therapy likely will not send you back to 20/20 vision, but every little bit helps.