It Smells Like Indira Gandhi’s Thong

Chili Slingshot

Police in India are adding a new weapon to their crown control arsenal: chili slingshots.

Police in northern India will soon use slingshots loaded with chili powder and marbles to tackle unruly protesters in the world’s largest democracy, an inspector said on Wednesday.

Not content with water cannon, tear gas and traditional wooden sticks or lathis, police in Haryana state close to New Delhi will turn to the slingshots as a “non-lethal way” to control violent crowds.

The locally-made slingshots are the latest in a series of unconventional measures adopted by security forces in India, which sees daily protests on a myriad of issues. Some quickly escalate out of control.

Wait a minute, isn’t India the spicy food capital of the free world? How is chili powder going to stop people who bathe in hummus and shower themselves with curry?