Would You Like Cuffs With That?

A Flori-Duh man was arrested after he was found sleeping in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane. Good grief, I knew they were slow, but this is ridiculous!

Oh, I should mention the guy was also hammered.

A 28-year-old man was arrested after “snoring loudly” and apparently sleeping behind the wheel in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane, an affidavit states.

The case of the dozing dude began about 3:47 a.m. Dec. 20 when an Indian River County sheriff’s deputy went to a McDonald’s in the 700 block of South U.S. 1 for a suspicious vehicle.

A deputy spied a man in a Ford pickup parked in the outside drive-thru lane “snoring loudly.” The man seemed to be sleeping in the drive-thru, as opposed to “Sleeping with the Enemy,” a 1991 movie starring Julia Roberts.

McDonald’s does not have a sleep-thru lane.

I mean, would it kill them to create one? Everyone knows drunks flock to McDonald’s after pounding a few beers. Let them order, then park in specific drunken lanes, You’d make a damned fortune!