Grandma Got Run Over By A Carjacker

Meet Jaquay Marlon Jean of North Miami, Flori-duh. Jaquay craves excitement, and he got it in spades after committing a carjacking and fleeing the scene with a grandmother and infant in the back seat.

A man attacked a woman during a stop at a gas station in Palm City, then drove away in her car with her mother and infant inside.

The carjacking happened Sunday afternoon at a Mobil gas station on State Road 714 as the family was returning to Miami after visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, according to a Martin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post.

The man pointed a gun at the driver and dragged her from the car. The grandmother, Joanne Segona, begged the carjacker to stop at another gas station, where he let them out.

“He was pointing the gun at the baby It was going to kill somebody. The only chance we had was to get out,” Segona said.

As you can see, this master criminal was on the run for almost twenty-four hours before being snatched by police. Congratulations on a job… done.