True Detective Stories

Okay, before we begin, I want to let everyone know that I’ve pretty much had it with this job. I work harder than most people in my squad, and when I ask for one favor – two hours vacation to pick up my son at the airport – I was denied last night. So yeah, today is not a day where I give a f*8k about anything.

Anyway, yesterday I spent my first two hours putting in thirty-three old jobs from the night before. (The computers crashed yet again.) While doing that – as well as entering the current jobs – a call for a barricaded male came out. The male was holding his baby’s mama and children inside the house point of gun. Eventually the SWAT team dragged this assclown out if the home, and the mother and children came to the division.

Mom was rather obviously drunk, and her children were probably aged three and five. Mom let the kids roam the hallway while she sat on her ass swaying back and forth. The sergeant brought out some snacks for the kids, and we tried to keep an eye on the urchins often.

A half hour later, we heard a kid crying in the hallway. Naturally, we ran out, and found the three-year old on the floor with a large facial laceration. The kid was bleeding like a pig, so we asked Drunky LaRue what happened.

Drunky claimed the boy “fell down,” and that was her story and she was sticking to it.

The sergeant called for the paramedics, who transported the child to the hospital. The sergeant also called the Department of Human Services, to let them know Drunky LaRue was hardly fit to raise two children, and Dear Old Gun-Totin’ Dad was no better. Two representatives from DHS stopped here first and we gave them all the information of what happened. Hopefully they’ll act on it, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

It’s bad enough to be living in the ‘hood during Christmas, but it’s worse when your parents are complete and utter failures.