Inktober Part Twelve

Well, it took a little over a month, but Julia has finally finished her Inktober challenge. There were thirty-one days of prompts and Princess P stepped up to the challenge.

Yes, there were days when she was less than enthusiastic, but overall she enjoyed the challenge and the work which came along with it.

So, without further ado, Princess P’s final two pieces.

Day Thirty’s prompt is “Onimous,” and I think Julia had a difficult time with this prompt because she wasn’t exactly sure what the word meant. She struggled to find an example for the challenge, and finally settled on an ominous storm.

Day Thirty-One’s prompt is “Crawl,” and Julia was stressing herself because she wanted the last prompt to be the best prompt. I told her it didn’t have to be perfect, just something she liked. She decided to go with the Halloween motif, and drew a legless zombie crawling after her.

The look on her face is priceless.

Thank you all for your patience with Inktober. I wanted to showcase Julia’s talent throughout the month because I think she has done some truly impressive work.

Inktober Part Eleven

Today is the official end to Inktober, the ink drawing challenge Julia joined, and after thirty-one days, she’s almost finished. She’ll have the final two pieces ready tomorrow, because a cold and homework slowed her down a little. And here we go..

Day Twenty-Seven’s prompt is “Music,” and she used a character from “The Greatest Showman” for this one. I think it’s her best work in this challenge and it made me very proud of her and her work.

I really think it’s her best work so far.

Day Twenty-Eight’s prompt is “Float,” and Julia imagined herself peacefully floating through space with Mother Earth by her side.

Day Twenty-Nine’s prompt is “Shoes,” and I think is her funniest piece yet. While looking for her shoes, both come to life, chase her down the hallway, trying to eat her feet.

The last two prompts will be posted tomorrow.

Inktober Part Ten

Julia’s Inktober challenge is almost finished, and while she’s a few days backed up, she created two pieces for us today.

Yesterday she had homework, band practice (over Zoom) and dance practice but was determined to get these done.

She wanted to do three, but I told her homework was more important. She should have three tomorrow and we should be able to finish up Sunday.

Day Twenty-Five’s prompt is “Buddy,” and Julia drew man’s best friend. While me and Mrs. Earp had dogs growing up, it wasn’t the best choice for us now since some of our kids are very allergic to dog hair.

I forgot to ask her what the “T” tag meant, but her teacher’s dog is named Teess.

Day Twenty-Six’s prompt is “Hide,” and Julia created a work of hide and seek starring herself and her brother Kevin. I thought this one came out looking great.

Inktober Part Nine

Well, Julia is almost back to normal, and after I guilted her into creating some art for today, she diligently gave us two more works. Day Twenty-Three’s prompt is “Rip,” and Julia wanted to go a different route than the obvious choice. So, she used “Rip” as R.I.P.

Here Julia is standing in her classroom when she sees the homework assignment: “Work – Pages 1 to Infinity.” The shock of so much work kills her, and her spirit flies to Heaven. I thought it was an interesting way to take this prompt.

Day Twenty-Four’s prompt is “Dig,” and again Julia took the less popular road and defined it as digging someone you like. Here, a boy is starry-eyed for a girl in his class – which Julia says is definitely now her, because “Ew” – and the girl doesn’t even notice.

Julia said she would work on more prompts tomorrow, as there are only seven left for her to complete.

Inktober Part Eight

While Julia has been rolling along with her Inktober artwork, she has run into a little snag. She was home sick yesterday with a stuffy, runny nose, as well as aches and pains.

Unfortunately, she had math homework last night and was unable to get three pieces out for you guys today. She apologizes, and hopefully, we’ll have some tomorrow.

Day Twenty-Two’s prompt is “Chef,” and being a South Park fan – yes, I’m a terrible father – Julia drew Chef from South Park.

I expected her to be holding a pot or some other delicacy, but Julia decided to go basic. I still think it turned out well.

(You can click the picture to embiggen.)

Inktober Part Seven

Inktober merrily rolls along, and Julia has been ramping up her artwork. Day Nineteen’s prompt above is “Dizzy,” and looks like she’s gonna hurl.

Day Twenty’s prompt is “Coral,” and you can see her moving through the briny deep.

Finally, Day Twenty-One=s prompt is “Sleep,” and here is Julia sleeping, head on desk, in school. I think this is the funniest of today’s trio.

Inktober Part Six

Inktober is still rolling along, and Princess P is still keeping up with the daily prompts.

For those of you new to this post, Inktober is an art challenge where people around the world draw artwork after they are given a daily prompt. The drawings have to be in ink, and there is one prompt for every day in October.

We’re up to Days 16, 17, and 18. Day Sixteen’s prompt is “Rocket,” and Julia decided to draw a rocket with her inside. I have no idea why she has that expression on her face, nor do I understand why she would be wearing a top hat. It’s still funny nonetheless.

Day Seventeen’s prompt is “Storm,” and Julia took the prompt very literally. That’ll be the last time she takes out an umberlla during a lightning storm. The look on her face is great.

Day Eighteen’s prompt is “Trap,” and while most people doing Inktober drew Star Wars’ Admiral Ackbar, Julia decided to walk a different path. I asked her who the trapper was, and she said, “Just some random guy with weird knees.” Okay then.

Inktober Part Five

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m spending the weekend in fabulous Frederica, Delaware at a weekend lacrosse tournament with Erik. It’s being held at a multi-turf complex, and dozens of college recruiters will be on location scouting prospective college players. Since the Chinese Wuhan Virus decimated Erik’s season, this is his only real chance to make an impression.

That said, the show must go on, and we continue with Julia’s Inktober challenge. Above you can see Day 13’s prompt, “Dune.” Julia decided to tip a hat to the Frank Herbert novel and the film adaptation. I love her recreation of the Sandworm, and the girl chastising it for losing at Uno.

The prompt for Day 14 is “Armor,” so she used one of the guys from “The Greatest Showman” in an armored suit. I think it came out pretty well, considering.

Day 15’s prompt is “Outpost,” and here she made herself an tower archer, who seems like she would rather be anywhere else at the moment. Have fun storming the castle!

Inktober Part Four

Continuing the Inktober series, the Day Ten prompt was “Hope,” and here Julia drew herself, hoping for her favorite YouTube artist’s Jazza’s Jazzy Art Box. The box is incredibly expensive, but there’s a good chance she may see in for her birthday. Here she is hoping to get one from Mrs. Earp.

The Day Eleven prompt is “Disgusting,” and while she could have used almost anything for this work, she decided to draw a zombie.

The Day Twelve prompt was “Slippery,” and this is easily the funniest one she’s done so far. Her face as she’s about to fall still makes me laugh.

Inktober Part Three

Continuing along with Julia’s Inktober challenge, Day 7’s prompt was “Fancy,” and since her new favorite movie of all time is “The Greatest Showman,” she decided to draw the two main male characters in their tuxedos.

Seriously, the girl watches this film almost every day; it’s an obsession. She always asks me to watch it with her, but since the male character is Hugh Jackman, I assure her I will watch it when Jackman’s adamantium claws come out and he starts slashing people like they’re Walmart’s low prices.

She did not appreciate my sentiments.

The Day 8 prompt was “Teeth,” so Julia went all out with teeth, braces, and braces surrounding a heart. Julia doesn’t have braces, but the dentist thinks she may eventually have to get them.

Day 9’s prompt was “Throw,” and Julia decided to be the victim in this one, getting hit by a Frisbee… likely thrown by her brother.