Wow, People Really Hate The Police

A gunfight outside the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs Unit occurred Friday evening, and a projectile pierced a window of the division.

A bullet went through a window at the Philadelphia Police Internal Affairs building 0n “the 7900 block of Dungan Road” on Friday night, 6 ABC reports.

The bullet was fired through the window around 11 p.m. when a man walking on Dungan got into a shootout with an individual in a vehicle.

To give you a feel for what Philadelphia is like, thugs are having shootouts within fifty yards of a police installation. Now, of course, the drones at IAD aren’t real cops, but they have weapons… they never use.

The Philadelphia Inquirer notes that the bullet “went through a cafeteria window and struck a wall.” No one was injured by the shot.

I’m certain dozens one car slowly raced to the scene to help out our good friends at Internal Affairs.