Erin Go Raw

A new shocking survey claims Irish parents are drinking more alcohol than usual during the Chinese Wuhan Virus lockdown. Is it possible to drink more than usual in the inebriation capital of the world?

ONE fifth of Irish households with pre-school aged children binge drink on a weekly basis, a new survey has found. Drinkaware revealed that the main cause of this binge drinking was due to stress or tension at home during lockdown.

Plus the fact that they’re Irish. I mean, this columnist has actually met an Irish person, right?

Drinkaware reported high levels of tension and stress contributed to an increase in alcohol consumption in Irish households during lockdown, in particular, those with young children.

Irish! Most of them drink slightly less often than Russians; and those Russians start drinking at 5am.

I mean, I guess it’s better they drink themselves to vomitous extremes than say, making babies in the kiddie pool at noon in front of the neighbors.

I Want My Ballybrack, Ballybrack…

An Irish soccer club has some explaining to do after they claimed one of their players was dead in order to reschedule a match.

According to Raidió Teilifís Éireann, a public broadcasting service in Ireland, Ballybrack FC falsely told officials with the Leinster Senior Football League that one of its players had died in a “traffic accident” on Thursday night. The league subsequently postponed Ballybrack’s game on Saturday and held a moment of silence for the player at all of its other games over the weekend.

Then the league discovered that the player, Fernando LaFuente, was in fact alive.

LaFuente told RTE that his full-time employer, a software company, had simply relocated him from Dublin to Galway. Ballybrack apologized on Facebook for what it described as “a gross error of judgement” and announced that “the person in question has been relieved of all footballing duties.”

Maybe the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers can try this to be exempt from the rest of their pitiful seasons?