Australia Drops The Ball Again

Meet Isabelle Eleanore of Australia. Isabelle was humiliated in front of Jet Star Airline passengers when the Karens on the plane claimed her outfit – seen at the right – as “inappropriate.”

Seriously Australia, when did you stop being the toughest country on Earth and start being France?

An airline has apologised to a passenger after staff told her to cover up her ‘inappropriate’ outfit.

Isabelle Eleanore, from Australia, said she was humiliated after being told by cabin crew her black crop top was not suitable for flying. The OnlyFans model said Jetstar staff ordered her to cover up, allegedly saying: “You can’t wear a bikini.”

Maybe I’m suffering from dementia, but in what world could her outfit be declared a bikini?

Isabelle was then handed a hi-vis vest to wear over her black top, which she said made her feel ‘degraded’ and embarrassed in front of her fellow passengers.

Sharing her story to her Instagram followers, Isabelle said: “So they made a huge scene when I stepped on the plane and made me wait in front of everyone while they searched for something to cover me up with. If I had small breasts I guarantee they wouldn’t have said anything.

She’s not wrong. IF she had small boobs – perish the thought – this wouldn’t be an issue. Even still, it’s not lie she’s falling out of her top, so what’s the problem? The world has lost its collective mind.