First Mosaic Dedicated To Jesus Found

An Israel Antiquities Authority conservationist works on the ‘Jesus’ mosaic excavated at a prison in Megiddo in northern Israel, part of a structure from the third or fourth century that may be one of the earliest Christian churches. (Yoli Schwartz/IAA)

Israelis believe they have located the first ever church in the world, and it was located under a prison. Megiddo prison was apparently built upon the church, but it will now be relocated to archeologists can examine the church and its mosaic dedicated to Jesus Christ.

A third-century church that experts believe is the first in the world will be open to the public starting this summer after the prison on top of the site is relocated.

About a 20-minute drive south from Nazareth, Megiddo prison is located on top of the church and the first known mosaic dedicated to Jesus.

The revelation of the church and the mosaic is almost a one in a million find.

A Greek inscription “to the God Jesus Christ” was found in 2004 during archaeological excavations before a proposed prison expansion, The Times of Israel reported.

“Would you believe that the first church in the world is inside a prison?!” the Israeli Prison Service posted on Facebook, as translated, in an announcement about the prison’s move.

You really cannot underestimate how much we can learn from the church and its mosaics inside.

The Megiddo Regional Council and the Israeli Prison Service met with the Israeli Antiquities Authority last month and decided to relocate the prison. The current prison will be moved so archaeologists can excavate the site further, and the church and its mosaic will be made into a tourist destination.

The mosaic is the first known time that Jesus was named as a god in Israel.

It’s great they announced this during the Passover/Easter season. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.

Was The AP Rooming With Hamas?

After the Jala Tower was destroyed by the Israeli military, the Associated Press is reportedly denying they shared their Gaza building with Hamas terrorists. You believe them, don’t you?

The Associated Press (AP) denied any knowledge that Jala Tower, the building housing its offices in Gaza, was also shared by Hamas terrorists, as claimed by the Israeli military and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the office block was bombed on Saturday.

AP President and CEO Gary Pruitt denied that the news organization knew Hamas was in the building.

Yes, because no leftist media outlet would ever be in bed with Hamas, Israel’s sworn enemy.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) tweeted: “After providing advance warning to civilians & time to evacuate, IDF fighter jets struck a multi-story building containing Hamas military intelligence assets. The building contained civilian media offices, which Hamas hides behind and deliberately uses as human shields.”

In my fifty-plus years on this planet, I have learned a few things. Boobies are awesome, Hollywood is corrupt, and the media is filled with anti-Semitic leftists who embrace terrorists. I absolutely believe the AP shared Jala Tower with Hamas, and likely mourned their deaths after the attack.

Israel Cripples Iran’s Nuclear Facility

The state of Israel is apparently confirming they were behind the cyber attack launched on Iran’s nuclear facility, which was shut down by the Israeli attack immediately after Iran started spinning centrifuges. God bless those brilliant men and women.

Israel appeared to confirm claims that it was behind a cyber-attack on Iran’s main nuclear facility on Sunday, which Tehran’s nuclear energy chief described as an act of terrorism that warranted a response against its perpetrators.

The apparent attack took place hours after officials at the Natanz reactor restarted spinning advanced centrifuges that could speed up the production of enriched uranium, in what had been billed as a pivotal moment in the country’s nuclear programme.

This wouldn’t be happening if the Democrats hadn’t cheated President Trump out of a second term. Now there’s a pro-Iran, anti-Israel illegitimate president at the helm of this country, and Israel knows they have no serious allies anymore.

As Iranian authorities scrambled to deal with a large-scale blackout at Natanz, which the country’s Atomic Energy Agency acknowledged had damaged the electricity grid at the site, the Israeli defence chief, Aviv Kochavi, said the country’s “operations in the Middle East are not hidden from the eyes of the enemy”.

Israel imposed no censorship restrictions on coverage as it had often done after similar previous incidents and the apparent attack was widely covered by Israeli media.

Amazing. Israel knows they’re on their own, so they figure they might as well take credit for the cyber attack. They’re fighting for their lives, their country, and their way of life.

No Big Deal: Just Biden Snubbing Israel

Illegitimate president Joe Biden is the first president in four decades to not contact Israeli leaders after being sworn into office. I suspect the Israeli delegation will be escorted out of the White House through the kitchen, as was the policy in the Obama administration.

President Joe Biden is the first American leader in 40 years not to contact Israel’s leaders as one of his first actions in the White House, setting up what could be four years of chilly relations between America and its top Middle East ally.

Biden has already phoned multiple world leaders, including Russian president Vladimir Putin and Chinese president Xi Jinping, but during his 23 days in office has yet to speak with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu—making Biden the first president in modern history to punt on bolstering U.S.-Israel relations during his initial days in office. Every president going back to at least Ronald Reagan in 1981 made contact with their Israeli counterpart within a week of assuming office, according to a review of news reports.

Biden won’t contact our strongest ally in the Middle East, but he’ll call our enemies in Russia and China.

Congressional foreign policy leaders slammed Biden’s Netanyahu snub, prompting a flurry of questions for White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who has declined to disclose when or if Biden will call the Israeli leader. Psaki also said on Friday the White House would not list Israel as a U.S. ally when asked about the relationship during her daily press briefing.

The good news is anti-Semitism is back in a big way! Biden fever: catch it!

Grandma Got Run Over By A MOAB

The grandmother of leftist Rashida Tliab – the ugliest person ever to serve in Congress – asked her “god” to ruin President Trump after Clayface decided not to go see her in the make-believe territory of “Palestine.”

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s grandmother had some harsh words for President Trump after Israel denied her granddaughter entry because it was allegedly discovered the group funding her trip had members with ties to terrorism.

“Trump tells me I should be happy Rashida is not coming. May God ruin him,” Muftia Tlaib told Reuters in an interview on Saturday.

Well Muftia – if that is your real name – your “god” already has a bad habit of ruining the lives of free people around the world, amirite??

Israel had originally granted Tlaib a humanitarian visa to visit her elderly grandmother, but the Michigan Representative turned it down and went on to claim she was being treated like a criminal and silenced.

So this despicable anti-Semitic piece of flotsam whined about how the Jooooos were keeping her out of Israel, then when they allowed her entry, sudden;y she doesn’t want to go? Hmm, it almost sounds like this was a publicity stunt all along.

Airbnb Does Not Deserve Your Business

Travel/rental corporation Airbnb has decided to remove Israeli listers in the West Bank. The move effectively ruins rental properties in the region, and is a huge blow to the economy of the Israelis.

Airbnb agreed to boycott West Bank settlements and announced plans to remove settler listings from its popular website of temporary rentals in 191 countries.

“Another BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] win!” multiple pro-Palestinian groups jubilantly claimed on social media.

So Airbnb decided to choose terrorists over the only democratic state in the Middle East. Good to know.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said he planned to speak with senior US officials to see if the move violated American laws against Israeli boycotts that exist in 25 out of 50 states.

“Anti-Israel boycott organizations do not distinguish between the State of Israel and Judea and Samaria. As far as they are concerned, and have openly declared, the entire State of Israel has no right to exist,” Erdan said.

The corporation is undoubtedly helmed by leftists, and as we all know, the only people leftists despise more than conservatives are the Jews.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the US MK Michael Oren said, “Airbnb blacklists Jewish apartments in Judea and Samaria – not Palestinian apartments, not apartments in Turkish occupied Cyprus, not in Moroccan occupied Sahara, not in Tibet or the Crimea.

“Airbnb’s policy is the very definition of antisemitism. No one should use its services,” Oren added.

Ambassador Oren is not wrong. The move is clearly designed to punish Israel; and while a private business can do what it likes, we as consumers can choose to not use Airbnb’s services.

Lord Of The Dance

Regular readers know I am a vociferous – how’s that for a twenty-five cent word? – supporter of Israel, but I gotta be honest, this story makes me lose a little respect for our Jewish allies.

The State Attorney’s office, along with Israeli police, decided on Wednesday to take severe measures against the practice of lap dances in strip clubs.

The new enforcement intends to eradicate “the activity that in certain circumstances constitutes prostitution,” according to the Deputy State Attorney.

“As such, continued practice of ‘lap dances’ shall be considered a criminal offense against which extensive measures can be taken, including against owners of such establishments.”

Okay, I have two reasons why this is a bad idea. First, you can’t swing a yarmulke without hitting a beautiful woman in Israel. Second, after dodging Palestinian rockets all day, a man’s gotta wind down. What better way than receiving a lap dance?

Weak sauce, Israel. Weak sauce.

Your Feel Good Story O’ The Day

The World Lacrosse Championships are currently underway in Israel, and it took a near miracle for the Iroquois National team to attend the event.

It was touch-and-go for the Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team on Wednesday as they waited at Toronto Pearson Airport to find out their fate: would they be able to join 46 international teams in the World Lacrosse Championship in Israel, or would they be forced to remain in Canada, shut out from playing?

After fighting pressure from the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement and making a conscious decision to attend the lacrosse tournament in Israel, it was discovered that despite having booked their flight, they were unable to travel on their Haudenosaunee passports, which are not internationally recognized.

Former Yesh Atid MK Dov Lipman, who was contacted by Israel Lacrosse Association executive director Scott Neiss, played a key role in helping to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Lipman’s message to athletes, musicians and artists who cave into BDS pressure is that those who have come have had nothing but a positive experience. “It’s a shame that athletes and musicians give into pressure from groups that align themselves with terrorist organizations,” he said. “I choose to celebrate those who have come, and encourage everyone to be like the Iroquois – they are an incredible example… and the ties between Israel and Canada [and how this situation was solved] is a positive example for the rest of the world.” (H/TAOSHQ)

Agreed. It’s nice to see the lacrosse world tell the despicable BDS movement they will not be intimidated into skipping the sport’s most important tournament.

Old Man Yells At Clouds

Meet Iranian Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali. Like most Iranian warlords, Jalali despises Israel, and blames them for literally everything; including the weather.

An Iranian general has accused Israel of ‘manipulating weather’ to prevent rain over the Islamic republic – aka, stealing the country’s clouds. Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defence Organisation, alleged that his country was facing cloud ‘theft’ during a press conference.

‘Israel and another country in the region have joint teams which work to ensure clouds entering Iranian skies are unable to release rain,’ he said.

‘On top of that, we are facing the issue of cloud and snow theft’, Jalali added, citing a survey showing that above 2,200 metres all mountainous areas between Afghanistan and the Mediterranean are covered in snow, except Iran.

Now normally I would blame the IDF for this, but my instincts tell me Mossad is closer to a cloud disintegrator. Yeah, it must be their fault.

Israel Brings The Rain

Iranian forces in Syria fired missiles into Israel yesterday, prompting retaliatory strikes on Damascus.

ISRAEL has blasted Iran’s bases in Syria with 70 missiles killing “at least 23 fighters” in revenge for rocket strikes on Golan Heights.

Fighter jets bombarded military bases, munitions warehouses and intelligence centres, after Tel Aviv stoked fears of a war by warning: “If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran.”

The strikes hit “nearly every target” and were in response to “20 rockets” fired by the Iranian Quds Force, Israeli military chiefs claimed.

Boy, I sure am glad we didn’t withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal. These guys are honest, straight shooters who have nothing but our best interests at heart.