Put A Tiger In Your Skank

Jacqueline EideMeet Jacqueline Eide of Omaha, Nebraska. Now, I realize there are insufficient entertainment options in Nebraska, but one would think this drunken idiot could find something more enthralling than breaking into a zoo and petting a three-legged tiger.

A woman allegedly snuck into an Omaha zoo after hours Sunday morning and was bitten by a tiger when she tried to pet it. Jacqueline Eide, 33, was believed to have been intoxicated when she and a friend snuck into the Henry Doorly Zoo, the Omaha Police Department said.

Police were called to the Creighton University Medical Center regarding a patient who “was very aggressive” and non-cooperative.

Eide had made “unauthorized entry” into the zoo and reached into a tiger’s cage to pet it when the tiger bit her, causing severe injuries to multiple fingers on her left hand, and was then transported to the hospital by her friend. (H/TKari)

The friend being the one who most likely goaded this bint into petting a f**king tiger in the first place. Apparently this inebriated imbecile never learned you catch a tiger by its toe, bot its razor sharp fangs.

Oh well, you gotta hand it to Jacqueline; she really has a personality you can seek your teeth into.