I Would Like To Have Seen Montana

If you’re planning to visit Big Sky Country any time soon, you’ll have to do so without any Whi-SKY. You see, F. Joe Biden’s administration still cannot fix the supply lines, and the state of Montana is completely out of Jameson whiskey.

In a strange quirk of ongoing pandemic-related shortages, there has hardly been a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey to be found at any bar in western Montana for nearly two months.

That’s according to multiple bar owners and liquor store managers.

Even in Butte, with its rich Irish history, the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration will most likely not feature the coveted spirit.

“We only have two precious bottles left that we’ve been saving for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lacey Clements, a bartender at Maloney’s, an Irish bar on Main Street. “It’ll be first-come, first-served. All of the liquor stores are out and they’ve told us any more bottles are still a month or so away.”

Now, the be perfectly honest, I am not a huge fan of whiskey. When I still played ice hockey, I drank it, because our sponsor was a bar that always had Jameson on hand. But it doesn’t like me, and I rarely like it, although I did have some on New Year’s Eve when Kyle had his friends over.

It sucks for the St. Patrick’s crowd, but you all know who’s to blame.