Romero And Juliet

Meet Jesse Romero, America’s oldest high school student. Jesse is on the eleven-year graduation plan, which will soon be adding another five to ten.

A 25-year-old community high school student who also worked for the school district was arrested on Tuesday and charged with possession of a gun on school grounds.

Officers were sent to McLain Community High School on West 2nd Place around 10 a.m. due to reports of a student with a gun. Another student at the school reportedly saw Jesse Romero with a gun and told staff as soon as he could.

Staff and Jeffco Safety and Security put the school on lockdown immediately and Romero was taken into custody. According to the Police Department, a gun was taken from Romero. (H/T – TXNick)

Jesse told female students he was working on the “21 Jump Street” program, because that makes it easier for a 25-year old to get into a freshman’s pants.