Weight Is Just A Number

This is kind of a nothing post, and a reason to post a photo of Jessica Simpson, but it’s a lazy Sunday and I have zero ideas today. Apparently, Simpson almost became a recluse after dealing with people who were weight shaming her. Come on by, Jess; I’ll work you through your problems.

Jessica Simpson allegedly dealt with so much body shaming in her career that the negativity nearly forced the singer inside for long stretches.

The actress’ mother, Tina Simpson, 61, appeared on “Today” Wednesday and relayed to the show that the “Dukes of Hazzard” star, 40, “wanted to be a recluse” as a result of the constant criticism Simpson was receiving about her weight.

“I have to be honest – to me the hardest thing with Jessica has been the weight. Because the way people judge her, it’s unbelievable,” Tina said. “Body-shaming is a terrible thing, and no girl should have to go through that — or guy. Period.”

Yeah, there would be no weight shaming from me, and if she would like me to point out her best assists, I am certain I can be of assistance. Day or night.

No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts

Jessica Simpson Workout GearRemember post-natal Jessica Simpson? It wasn’t pretty. The singer/actress gained so much weight, her ass had its own congressman.

There must be mirrors in Jess’s house, because she hit the gym, gerrymandered her ass’s congressional district, and transformed back into the hot piece of ass she always was.

I mean, she’s still stupid, but now that she’s hot, she can get away with it.

The singer-turned-fashion-mogul shared a photo with her followers on Monday and let’s just say, it’s making us regret that second piece of leftover pumpkin pie we had for dessert last night.

The shot is a promo image for her new workout wear collection, The Warm Up. In the snap, the mother of two looks absolutely amazing wearing a backless top and tiny shorts from the line. Her blond hair is swept up into a ponytail and she’s holding a couple free weights.

Regular readers know I’m a boob guy – or maybe just a boob – but Jessica is turning me into an ass man – or, just an ass. Either way, I’ll be in my bunk.