A Shout-Out To Jim

Grumpy old man. Vector clip art illustration with simple gradients. All in a single layer.

Geezer Jim, AKA Jim from bRight & Early is arguably my oldest internet friend – not in age, but in length of friendship. I meet him when I first started blogging at the original Support Your Local Gunfighter. Soon after that, we both blogged at Blogs4Bauer during 24’s television run, then he hosted my SYLG blog for many years. I finally met the legend in 2015 when we vacationed in DisneyWorld.

Jim works as a character there, usually Belle. His British accent isn’t half bad.

Anyway, Jim hadn’t been around lately, and with work, kids, and college preparations, I hadn’t noticed. Yes, I am a terrible friend.

A few days ago Jim sent me an email explaining his absence. Apparently he had not one, not two, but three strokes! He is slowly recovering, but I wanted everyone to know what he’s dealing with, and I wanted to apologize for not checking in as often as I should.

Get well soon, Jim. Elisha is waiting for you…