Hardesty Is Not The Best Policy

Meet Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. Jo Ann is one of the architects of Portland’s Defund the Police initiative, and she recently called 911 after a dispute with a Lyft driver. Hypocrite much?

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who has previously called for budget cuts for police, utilized the emergency service Nov. 1 after her Lyft driver cancelled her ride.

Lyft driver Richmond Frost picked Hardesty up at a casino, according to KOIN. Frost kept the windows open in accordance with COVID protocols that Lyft implemented.

Frost told police that Hardesty “became irate when he refused to roll the windows up.” He then pulled into a gas station and canceled the ride, asking Hardesty to leave the vehicle. However, Hardesty allegedly refused to get out of the car because “it was cold and she was a woman and alone,” per the same report.

While I applaud the Lyft rider for demanding this bitch get out of his car, the police dispatcher is arguably the real hero here:

“Technically it’s his property,” the dispatcher said. “And you have a civil agreement and there’s no crime involved.” The dispatcher also told Hardesty that it is her obligation, not Frost’s, to hail another ride.

The dispatcher should get a medal, and never have to pay for a beer again in their lifetime.

By the way, I loved Jo Ann in Tales from the Crypt.