The Smell Of Popcorn In The Morning

Corrupt Islamist Representative Ilhan Omar (Bigamist – MN) announced this weekend she believes Joe Biden’s accuser Tara Reade.

Omar, who loves her some Bernie Sanders, threw Biden under the bus to the Times of London.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said she believes former Senate staffer Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusations against former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

In an interview with the Sunday Times of London published Sunday, Omar said, “I do believe Reade. Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.”

Remember that when the FBI determines you married your brother for immigration purposes.

Omar, who supported Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Democratic presidential primaries, also told the outlet that Biden would not be the Democratic Party’s nominee if she were able to make the decision.

Thankfully even the brain-dead DNC is not stupid enough to give you any say in the matter. Yes, they’re racist and corrupt, but they’re not ready to give the party to someone who married – and likely banged – her sibling. At least not yet.

Joe Biden Determines Who Is Black

Yes, this story is a day old, but it’s worth covering, even though much better writers/bloggers have commented on it. The Democrats’ fatal flaw is they expect the African-American vote to be there on Election Day, no matter how shabbily they treat them.

Rapper and songwriter Sean Combs, aka “Diddy,” told former Vice President and current presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that “the black vote ain’t free” after Biden made some controversial comments during a Breakfast Club interview Friday.

Personally, I think “P. Diddy” is an imbecile, but he’s not wrong here. No voter, no matter the race, likes being insulted. Some may stay home, or some may vote for President Trump.

A viral video shows Biden telling radio host Charlamagne Tha God that “if you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or for Trump, then you ain’t black.” The host responded that “It don’t have nothing to do with Trump, it has to do with the fact — I want something for my community.”

Well, a Democrat president will give you plenty of things; unemployment, a terrible economy, and platitudes instead of action. All you need to do is look at every big city run by Democrats. Are any of them a bastion of low unemployment and high wages? The answer is obviously no.

OH: Joe Biden also said he’s ready to beat Joe Biden.

Acting DNI Releases Unmaskers

Acting DNI (Director of National Intelligence) Richard Grenell declassified and released the list of Obama appointees and staffers who unmasked the identity of General Michael Flynn between 2016-17.

The list is long and distinguished, and includes many prominent Obama hacks, such as John Brennan, James Clapper, Samantha Power, James Comey, and… Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Every one of these bastards need to see the inside of a prison cell. If you click the tweet below, you can see all the traitors’ names.

Oh, speaking of people who belong in prison, John Brennan hid evidence the Russians actually wanted Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election. Kinda puts a damper on the whole Trump is a Russian Stooge talking point.

A former national security official for the Trump White House said Wednesday that former CIA Director John Brennan deliberately suppressed intelligence evidence that showed Russian President Vladimir Putin would benefit if “the more predictable and malleable” Hillary Clinton was elected president in 2016.

Artisanal ‘ette at Ace of Spades had a terrific comment: “Trump is owed 4 more years. I’m not kidding.”

She’s not wrong. The president should walk to the podium and seriously ask, “Where do I go to get my first term back?” The president needs to be reelected. There is no way any conservative should sit home on Election Day; not after what the Democrats have done.

Huge hat tip to AOSHQ, since Ace always gets the great stories before I see them.

D.C. Police: Corruptus In Extremis

The Washington, D.C. Police Department has reclassified Tara Reade’s sexual assault report against Joe Biden from “active” to “inactive,” despite the report was only filed on April 9th.

The Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department changed the status of a complaint against 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden from active to inactive, One America News Network reported.

The network’s Richard Pollack reported Wednesday afternoon that the D.C. police department appears to have closed its investigation into Tara Reade’s allegations of sexual assault against Biden.

“The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department has suddenly, without explanation, killed its active investigation into sex abuse charges against presumptive presidential candidate Joe Biden,” Pollack said.

So in less than three weeks, the D.C. police conducted a thorough and intensive investigation, including interviews and witness canvassing? Sure, Jan. The Daily Caller suggests maybe there are statute of limitations issues, but in most municipalities, those limits are placed after the report is made; not necessarily when the event occurred.

If you want my no b.s. assessment, I believe the upper echelon commanders at the D.C. police decided this story needs to go away, so they quite literally filed Reade’s report in the circular file.

I fully understand the nation’s police commanders are more politicians than they are officers, but this is disgusting, even for a crooked department like D.C.

Believe All Women! When It’s Convenient

In a revelation which will surprise literally no one, not one Senate Democrat has even acknowledged the credible sexual assault allegations of former Joe Biden staffer Tara Reade.

Every Democrat in the Senate has refused to acknowledge the sexual assault allegations against 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden that were brought forward by a former staffer, even after new evidence lends credibility to the alleged assault.

Believe all women… unless they accuse a Democrat!

The Daily Caller contacted every Democrat in the Senate, asking them if they would even consider the allegations by Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade, who has accused the then-senator of kissing her, touching her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent in 1993. Each Senate office was given 24 hours to respond but not one did.

Neither Anita Hill nor Christine Blasey-Ford claimed Justices Clarence Thomas or Brett Kavanaugh finger-blasted them, and yet every SJW on Earth screeched about those accusations for months. Those same leftist toads are now curiously silent. Hmm, it’s almost as the “Believe all women” mantra is bullshit, and these leftist senators are hypocrites.

This comes after a 1993 transcript obtained by The Intercept showed that Reade’s mother mentioned on “Larry King Live” that her daughter had problems with a “prominent senator” in Washington. The Media Research Center also uncovered the video Friday of the August 11, 1993 edition of CNN’s “Larry King Live” program.

Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, in an recent interview, Reade said she would never vote for Trump and would never vote Republican. She’s a full-on leftist, and while the charge is despicable, Reade is still firmly imbedded with the people trying to silence her.

The Slow Joe To China

Communist/socialist Bernie Sanders suspended his campaign and endorsed “rapey” Joe Biden this week, a move which infuriated Sanders’ supporters. Apparently the communist acolytes are not too fond of supporting a dementia-addled accused rapist.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s biggest supporters are criticizing Joe Biden after the democratic socialist endorsed the former vice president.

Sanders’s campaign press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray, and several other surrogates are expressing their displeasure after Sanders endorsed Biden on the presumptive Democratic nominee’s live stream Monday. Gray explained on Twitter shortly after the announcement why she’s not on board.

“With the utmost respect for Bernie Sanders, who is an incredible human being & a genuine inspiration, I don’t endorse Joe Biden,” she told her followers Monday.

The comments come as Democrats try to avoid an internal fight between the progressive and moderate wings of the party.

Aww, that’s a shame. I guess I’ll be stopping at the movie theater to buy a truckload of popcorn.

After a few unsuccessful runs at the presidency, I am finally realizing Sanders’ scam. He never actually wanted to be president. He joins the race, spouts his communist propaganda, makes a ton of money through donations, then stuffs the money into his mattress.

It’s a money grab.

Sanders never goes after his Democrat rivals, never puts out negative ads, and didn’t utter a word when the Democrats screwed him out of the nomination in 2016. Are those the actions of a serious candidate?

The Dummy Lives

Well, it took more than a week for Alzheimer’s-addled Joe Biden to address the coronavirus pandemic, and as always Creepy Joe’s remarks were poignant, lucid, and not at all insane.

Former Vice President Joe Biden broke his silence Monday morning to rip President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for their response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee accused Trump and McConnell of pushing measures that favor big corporations over working Americans a day after Senate Democrats tanked a $1.6 trillion emergency relief package.

In fairness, Joe likely forgot about that moments after he saw the news on the television… because the man is literally losing his mind.

“Republicans refuse to increase Social Security at the same time, to forgive student loans, to take the necessary steps to stop evictions, ensure food and nutrition for vulnerable families,” Biden said. “Senator McConnell should immediately allow a bipartisan vote on aggressive measures to help small businesses, workers, communities.”

Every single state is shutting down, forcing people to stay inside their homes, closing businesses, and deranged Joe Biden is trying to bankrupt the country with freebies? (Actually, they are in no way “freebies,” since student loan forgiveness and Social Security are funded by American taxpayers. But hey Joe, you be you. Dolt.)

Joe Biden Is A Senile Old Fool

Dementially-challenged Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told MSNBC he did not believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but still voted for the use of military force. Ladies and gentlemen, your Democratic presidential front-runner.

Former Vice President and Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden said he “didn’t believe” former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction but still voted to authorize military force in Iraq in 2002.

“The reason I voted the way I did was to try to prevent a war from happening because, remember, the threat was to go to war. The argument was because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. So he said I need to be able to get the Security Council to agree to send in inspectors to put pressure on Saddam to find out whether or not he’s using — he’s producing nuclear weapons. And at the time, I said that’s your reason all right, I get it. The rational was that’s the way not to go to war because I didn’t believe he had those nuclear weapons. I didn’t believe he had the weapons of mass destruction.”

I’ve read and reread this quote three times and it makes less sense every single time I read it. He voted for the military option to ensure we didn’t go to war? Is that what he’s saying? I literally have no idea.

Caption Contest Winners

The Steely Joe Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. The people in South Carolina are so stupid, they’d vote for a brain dead Zombie…and damned if they didn’t!!!… – Doc Rambo
4. I’ll bet Norah O’Donnell’s hair smells good. – Kitty
3. Get off my lawn!! – Sully
2. What did I come in here for? – Cathy

WINNER! – I can’t even spell contender… – Mike47