Wyatt Earp Lives!

Gun Disabled By Police BulletJefferson County Sheriff’s Deputy Jose Marquez was shot multiple times during an attempted robbery in January. During the incident, two bona fide miracles occurred; Marquez lived to tell the tale, and well, read on…

Arapahoe County prosecutors said Deputy Jose Marquez acted appropriately when he exchanged gunfire with attempted robbery suspects in an apartment parking lot in Aurora in January.

Marquez was visiting his girlfriend when two armed suspects approached him with their guns drawn. He was shot multiple times in the chest and abdomen before the suspects ran away. One of the suspects was wounded in the leg and arrested. The other suspect fled and has not been identified.

One of Marquez’s bullets struck the suspect’s pistol, traveling straight down that gun’s barrel and disabling it. Officials say such a shot is “one in a billion.”

Pfft, one in a billion. I fire rounds into pistol barrels so often I get hate mail from Glock.