After six months of hard work, Julia’s dance recital debuted Friday evening.

As in previous years, Julia’s class performed a dual program of ballet and jazz routines. Thankfully, there were no belly shirts this year, and the ballet ensemble was acceptable to dear old dad. Julia performed brilliantly, and I think her teacher knew that in advance, as Julia was in the front of the group. She never looked offstage for a cue, and danced divinely.

The jazz/modern dance portions highlighted previous decades. While Julia didn’t get the 80’s – the greatest decade of music in planetary history – she was assigned the 90’s, with a twist. While they danced to a medley of Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and MC Hammer, they also tossed in Aretha Franklin’s Respect.

As you can see below, Julia took her costume from the Kurt Cobain collection.

Again, Julia performed very well, albeit with an admitted mistake, that thankfully no one noticed. She had a lot of fun with her dance friends, earned a nice (pink) trophy, and received flowers from her grandmother. It was a terrific evening.

P.S. – The only real downside of the night was at the beginning. Julia and Mrs. Earp were already at the high school, and as the kids and I arrived, the terrible thunderstorms we were expecting hit us hard. The second we stepped out of the car, the skies opened up, the wind was pushing us back, and we were struck in the face with sideways rain and hail. By time we entered the auditorium, every one of us were soaked to the bone. Not the most comfortable way to spend a two-hour dance recital.

Shall We Dance?

Last night was Princess P’s dance recital, held at the local high school. It’s always an entertaining affair, especially watching Mrs. Earp put makeup on my nine-year old. It also helps when Julia tells me she plans on “shaking her booty” during her routine. That’s usually when I walk out of the room.

This year, there was no booty shaking or bare midriffs, thank Vishnu. There was some fantastic dancing by Princess P, however. She’s come a long way since she first started, and she performed flawlessly. Interestingly, some of her group glances at her for cues, instead of vice-versa.

Both Julia’s grandmothers were in attendance, as well as my sister and her fiance. She was very grateful for the support, and the flowers at the end.

Good News, Everyone!

Despite the sh*tstorm which has enveloped my life, some really terrific events unfolded yesterday.

First, Kyle’s lacrosse team won their final game of the season, and played in both the varsity and JV games. Kyle finished his season with a goal, two assists, and winning 26 of 58 face-offs (a 45% win percentage). While his face-off stats were decent, he needs to seriously step up his offense next year.

Second, we spent the evening at Princess P’s dance recital. Julia moved up halfway through the year, because her teacher thought she would perform better with the older girls. Her group did a ballet number with the requisite tutu – or as Julia kept saying, “the two-three.” For that she wore the outfit on the right.

Julia’s group also did a jazz number – jazz hands! – and the same outfit was, um, modified. Thee tutu was removed and the cummerbund was removed, turning the outfit into a belly shirt. Daddy did not like.

I did, however, love her performance. She was fluid, graceful, and never once looked off stage for cues. Princess P had both routines down pat, and certainly hammed it up for the jazz number. (Including shaking her hips, which, again, Daddy did not like!)

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Days Of Blunder

During yesterday’s Caption Contest Winners post, Mike AKA Proof noticed I listed five entries but typed “Top Three Entries.” I noted I was having a terrible, awful, no good day, so I figured I’d take a moment to – like Clarissa – explain it all.

Every Spring I suffer through severe vertigo. My neurologist believes if has something to do with the pollen count, and my allergic reactions. It throws off my equilibrium, and I’ve been staggering around the office all day. Better yet, my sergeant was walking behind me as I was bracing myself against the hall, and when my lieutenant walked by, the sergeant quipped, “He’s been drinking all day, boss.” Thanks, dude. Really.

Halfway through the day, Mrs. Earp sends me a text message stating the team bus left school for their lacrosse game without Kyle. Apparently no one took a head count, so they just left. Now maybe it’s just me, but in two decades of coaching, I have always – ALWAYS – taken roll before the bus pulled out. I immediately sent a text to the head coach – who I am starting to dislike more every day – asking him to wait a minute for Kyle, and ten minutes later he responds with, “Oh, we’re already on the road.”


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Adored Of The Dance

Julia Ballet Recital

Julia’s dance recital was held last night, and she performed both a ballet and jazz routine. The recital was held at George Washington High School, just a few minutes’ drive from our home. Unless, of course, you’re a high school lacrosse coach at the most important game of the season. Then the ride is longer.

Kyle’s team played Archbishop Carroll yesterday. Carroll is third in the league standings, and we are eighth – the last playoff spot. We assumed we would be destroyed by this team, but something amazing happened: our kids came to play.

Long story short, we led the first three quarters before giving up a seven-goal fourth in a losing effort. We’re still in possession of the last playoff spot, with three league games remaining.

Which brings us to the recital…

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