The Best Of Times, The Blurst Of Times

As I mentioned previously, the entire family drove to New Hampshire to see two NASCAR races. The Saturday events were a NASCAR Modified race at 12:45pm and the NASCAR Xfinity race at 3pm. The trip was especially exciting because it was Mrs. Earp and Julia’s first live NASCAR race, and I was hoping they would like it.

The trip was supposed to take about six hours. Unfortunately for us, we hit New York City and Connecticut at the worst possible time. All the New Yorkers were headed to Connecticut beaches, and the traffic slowed to a crawl, at best. The Merritt Parkway sucks complete and total butt; it took us two hours to travel seventy-five miles. When we made it through the gauntlet we eventually stopped for a late dinner in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. We selected Pizzeria Uno and quickly found out they were short on wait staff. It took nearly an hour to get our food.

We arrived at the hotel at midnight, instead of 6pm, to find some kids pulled the fire alarm. It took the fire department to come out and reset the system. Suffice to say, everyone was exhausted as we hit the beds…

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