Strip Club To Hold Unusual Event

A strip club in Juneeau, Wisconsin will be hosting a Christian Bluegrass concert this week, and I’m guessing people are very excited to attend.

Solomon, an exotic dance club at 112 E. Oak St. in Juneau, will host a Christian music concert sponsored by the Christian Leaders Coalition of Dodge County. The Siegmann Family, a band that originated in the Dodge County town of Rubicon, will perform.

The band describes its sound as a mix of bluegrass, Southern gospel, a capella and acoustic. Gene and Anne Schmidt will also perform at the concert.

Gene Schmidt, of the Christian Leaders Coalition, has lobbied for Dodge County or the city of Juneau to buy the Solomon building and convert it into a performing arts center. The building has been on the market for months and Schmidt said his goal is to prevent another strip club owner from buying it.

Pffft, can’t the club have both?

P.S.For the record, i’m still recovering from the cellulitis. Missed four days of work and have been relegated to a couch/bed since Thursday night.