Kamala Harris Is A Racist Idiot

“Vice-President” Kamala Harris made an ass of herself – again – after she claimed the Biden administration’s Hurricane Ian relief will be based on equity. In effect, Harris claimed the relief will go to minorities first.

Vice President Kamala Harris dodged a question asking her if she could explain what she meant when stating that the Biden administration would take “equity” into account when disbursing natural disaster relief.

Harris is arguably the dumbest politician in America, but she’s also a racist.

Her comments came on Friday after Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm and in South Carolina as a Category 1 storm. At least 47 people died in Florida after the hurricane made landfall. Harris made the comments at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

“It is our lowest-income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions,” Harris said. “We have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality, but we also need to fight for equity.”

So what this moron is saying, is if an African-American family has minor damage to their residence, and a white family has their house destroyed, the Biden administration will dole out relief to the black family first. You know, because “equity.”

Kamala Embarrasses Herself Yet Again

So, “Vice-President” Kamala Harris flew to Highland Park, Illinois Tuesday to meet with law enforcement – whom she despises – and offered some remarks on the mass shooting there Monday.

This may come as a shock to you, but Kamala Harris gave another embarrassing speech.

Vice President Kamala Harris went viral on Tuesday for comments she made in Highland Park, Illinois, following the horrific Independence Day parade massacre.

Just one day after the mass shooting that resulted in seven killed and over 30 injured, Harris visited the northern suburb of Chicago to meet with local law enforcement. She made brief remarks to the mourning town.

Every time she opens her mouth it’s nothing but an incoherent word salad.

“We’ve got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to take this seriously,” Harris said to the press and Highland Park residents.


Kamala Harris is not a serious person, and she is completely unqualified for the position. Thankfully, Biden had a long list of qualified candidates to choose from: Kamala Harris and Stacey “Tank” Abrams.

Oh, if you check the link, you can see members of the media ridiculing this “speech.”

Kamala Harris Is A Very Stupid Person

The White House, for some reason, allowed the “vice-president” to address the ASEAN summit, and as always, she tossed another incoherent word salad. Honestly, how is this woman still employed?

Kamala Harris has become famous for her ability to talk herself in circles while speaking in public. While that tendency could have been dismissed early on as the vice president just having a bad day, her abject vapidness has become a staple of her tenure in the Biden administration.

One of the vice president’s hallmarks in all these instances is the repetition of words. It’s as if Harris is a high school student giving a book report she didn’t study for and is trying to fill space. That happened again on Friday, as the White House hosted the ASEAN summit. And while the transcript is bad enough, take a minute and actually watch the video until the end because it’s so much worse.

Listen to this idiot below and see if you understand what she is saying. It’s only 38 seconds.

The woman simply repeats herself over and over, hoping her audience will ignore her rambling. I remember people trashing Dan Quayle for misspelling potato which is nothing compared to this.

In a 22-second span, Harris used the word “work” five different times to describe nations working together, never advancing her thought, even moving to synonyms like “galvanize” to again say the same thing she’d already said multiple times. Never have so many words led to so little substance, and to listen to her is to participate in an act of self-torture. It’s enough to make Joe Biden, perhaps the most senile man to ever serve in the presidency, green with envy at Harris’ ability to say everything and absolutely nothing at the same time.

You can argue there were worse vice-presidents than Kamala, but I doubt you can find a VP dumber than this woman. Even VP Joe Biden was better than this stupid bint.

Her Poles Are No Longer Rising

Illegitimate vice-president Kamala Harris is said to be panicking after her approval numbers went down faster than she did on Willie Brown. This empty suit’s poll numbers are worse than F. Joe Biden’s.

Think about that for a moment. Worse than Biden!

One would not think it’d be possible for President Joe Biden to have a higher approval rating than Vice President Kamala Harris, but it’s indeed true. Harris sank to a mere 28 percent rating by the end of Biden’s first year in office.

Authors of “This Will Not Pass,” a 473-page book depicting Biden’s short catastrophic time, as the president told by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alex Burn, reveal that Kamala Harris has been seeking political advice from MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough? Ha! Kamala would have been better served by seeking political advice from SpongeBob SquarePants or Barney Fife.

Scarborough, whom former President Donald Trump once labeled a “total but job with bad ratings,” is known for catering to the left’s narrative, and now seemingly spends his time trying to save Harris’ reputation.

In an effort to save her career, “Harris began seeking out advice from beyond her inner circle.”

I doubt Kamala even has an inner circle anymore, since her aides seem to be quitting weeks after they’re hired. The blame, however, falls upon all of you. None of you have set up your vice-president for success, and now her approval is in the dumpster.

Be better, America. Be Better.

Pressed For Success

Vice-president* Kamala Harris made an ass out of herself again, after refusing to answer a question from MENSA candidate Joy Reid. It’s as if Kamala isn’t qualified for any position where she isn’t prone.

Did Kamala Harris throw Joe Biden under the bus during her interview with Joy Reid on Friday night? It kind of sounded like she did. The vice-president was asked by the MSNBC host of ReidOut if she agreed with Biden’s call for regime change in Russia. Kamala didn’t answer the question.

What happens next is yet another unintelligible word salad from the smartest bi-racial vice-president in American history. I apologize in advance for the next three paragraphs.

‘There are serious consequences for Vladimir Putin and Russian aggression as it relates to Ukraine,’ she continued.

The VP avoided giving a straight answer on her personal opinion of Putin’s continued leadership in Russia, but instead focused on the ‘impacts’ the Biden administration has made toward Russia, including imposing sanctions.

‘Which is why our policy from the beginning has been about ensuring that there are going to be real costs exacted against Russia in the form of severe sanctions, which are having a real impact and immediate impact, not to mention the longer term impact, which is about saying there is going to be consequence and accountability when you commit the kinds of atrocities that he is committing,’ she went on, avoiding answering the question – although she eventually told Reid: ‘We are not into regime change and that is not our policy.’

If that doesn’t scare you, maybe this will. It’s entirely possible this idiot will be out president before 2024.

Dumbest V.P. In American History

The “vice-president” made a fool of herself – yet again – while trying to put a cohesive sentence together while meeting with the prime minister of Jamaica.

Vice President Kamala Harris tossed up another word salad following a meeting with the prime minister of Jamaica Wednesday, drawing a new round of ridicule from her critics.

Believe me, that’s not the only time she’s tossed a salad.

The White House sit-down with the island nation’s leader, Andrew Holness, commemorated the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the countries and marked the first time in nearly 30 years that a Jamaican leader has visited the White House. Harris, whose father is Jamaican, said she and Holness discussed COVID-19, climate change, and the war in Ukraine.

So you talked about nothing pertinent to the two countries. Good job, Kamala.

“For Jamaica, one of the issues that has been presented as an issue that is economic in the way its impact has been the pandemic, … We will assist Jamaica in COVID recovery by assisting in terms of the recovery efforts in Jamaica that have been essential,” she told reporters after the meeting.

There’s a reason why all her aides have been resigning, and it’s not because they didn’t like working in the White House. They are resigning because this woman is dumber than AOC.

You can listen to this dolt below the fold. Maybe you can make out what the hell she’s saying…

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Kamala Harris Absolves China For Covid

Kamala Harris, the most unlikable politician in American history, has taken it upon herself to absolve any responsibility for China creating the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Wow, it’s almost like this entire fraudulent administration is beholden to the Chinese.

The Biden White House also isn’t going to hold China accountable, if comments this week from Vice President Kamala Harris are any indication.

Asked this week about the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in the United States, Harris responded with an answer that included an aside about how no one is to blame for the virus being in America. This is true so long as you ignore that the Chinese government’s efforts to cover up the outbreak helped it to spread to every corner of the planet.

“I don’t think this is a moment to talk about fault,” Harris told CBS News’s Margaret Brennan. “It is no one’s fault that this virus hit our shores or hit the world. But it is more about individual power and responsibility and the decisions that everyone has the choice to make.”

Actually, dullard, it is exclusively China’s fault. They created the virus during gain-of-fuunction tests and released into the world. China lied about the virus, lied about its release, an lied about its potency. They are solely responsible for the deaths of more then five million people.

But sure, Kamala; it’s no one’s fault.

The Honeymoon Is Apparently Over

It only took seven months, but the favorability of the illegitimate president and his illegitimate vice-president have cratered.

it’s official: America doesn’t much like Vice President Kamala Harris. And they aren’t that hot on President Joe Biden, either. According to a running graph by YouGovAmerica, Harris’ unpopularity hit 49%, while her popularity hovers at 45%.

I find it highly dubious that the American people would reject a dementia-addled “president” who won by rampant fraud and a vice-president who slept her way to a Senate seat.

Harris’ poor numbers match those of her boss, President Joe Biden. A recent Rasmussen Reports poll showed at least 52% of likely voters disapprove of Biden’s work in the White House. What’s more, 42% said they “strongly disapprove” of the Biden presidency, while just 26% said they “strongly approve” of his presidency.

I’m no politics expert, but my guess is skyrocketing inflation, ridiculous gas prices, and ignoring the border crisis has a lot to do with it. Also, Joe Biden is a terrible person who is corrupt to the core.

Many of the polls on the Biden-Harris team have been drifting downward about rising inflation and a new outbreak of a COVID-19 variant, just weeks after Biden declared the pandemic all but over. In a Morning Consult-Politico poll released last week, 47% of registered voters said they had an unfavorable view of Harris, while 45% had an unfavorable view of Biden.

It’s obvious why people hate Harris. She’s unlikeable, arrogant, and has accomplished nothing in her four years as a United States senator. Plus, she’s a hoor.

Kamala Harris Headed To The Border

Border Czar and hilariously unlikeable “Vice-President” Kamala Harris has finally scheduled a trip to border. The illegitimate vice-president is excited to see the mountains, elk, and sample a bit of poutine.

Vice-President Kamala Harris, a.k.a. the Border Czar, is scheduled to travel to the border this week. No, not that border – she’s going to a state on the northern border. Harris will visit New Hampshire Friday. Her trip will include one or more stops in the Laconia-Plymouth area. The question is, why?

Specific events or locations for the visit have not been finalized. Why would Kamala Harris deliberately put herself in a position to go to New Hampshire when she is being begged to visit the southern border, to see the migrant crisis first hand? She could be on the receiving end of fluffy stories about her compassion for the children in custody, maybe shed a tear or two on camera, surround herself with local Democrats who blame the bad Orange Man for the problem. Instead, she is going to New Hampshire. There is no crisis on the Canadian border.

At least one GOP member had the balls to call out Kamala’s ridiculous trip north.

New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Stephen Stepanek rightly called Kamala out when the news surfaced Sunday evening. He said there is no crisis on the northern border, she should be going to the southern border. Apparently, he has knowledge of an anticipated appearance by Senator Hassan with Kamala.

Normally I would think a “Border Czar” refusing to visit the southern border would be hilarious, but in this case it’s sad and pathetic. There is a crisis at the border – even the Illegitimate President acknowledged that fact – and Kamala Harris has no desire to see what she and Biden have wrought.

Also, this isn’t Soviet Russia – yet – so stop using the term “Czar.” Jackasses.

Senile Fool Picks Corrupt AG As VP

Doddering Alzheimer’s patient Joe Biden has decided to make California Senator Kamala Harris his vice-presidential running mate. Harris is the first African-American female on a presidential ticket.

I only mention that because it’s all the MSM is talking about… even though Harris is not 100% black. She’s half-Jamaican and half-Indian.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will select Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris to be his running mate to take on President Donald Trump.

The announcement was made on Twitter, as speculation grew that there would be an event at Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. Photos of an event production truck outside of the hotel were taken before the announcement, leading up to speculation that Biden would announce his running mate.

Kamala Harris was a markedly corrupt Attorney General, and famously insinuated Biden was a racist during the Democratic debates. Plus, she’s from California; a state already in the bag for Democrats. The choice makes no sense at all.

“Joe Biden is running to restore the soul of the nation and unite the country to move us forward. Joe knows more about the importance of the Vice Presidency than just about anyone, and he is confident that Kamala Harris will be the best partner for him to finally get the country back on track,” the Biden campaign said in an email.

The VP pick is arguably the most important announcement a presidential candidate can make, and the Biden team released it via email? No recorded message, no cameras, nothing? How far gone must Biden be to mot even make a twenty second announcement to the country?