Public Schools Are Awful

Considering the outright disasters public schools have become, I have decided to create a new series/category entitled “Public Schools Are Awful.”

Meet Karis Wilson of Kamloops, British Columbia. Karis is a senior at NorKam Secondary, and was taken to the principal’s office and immediately sent home because her outfit – pictured on the left – was deemed “inappropriate” by her teacher.

A Kamloops, B.C., dad is speaking out after his daughter was allegedly sent home from her high school this week for wearing a knee-length dress layered with a long-sleeve turtleneck.

“I’m disappointed in the system,” Christopher Wilson said in a video posted on Facebook.

We’re all disappointed by public schools, Mr. Wilson, because most teachers couldn’t care less about their students, or their education. Instead, they rant about dress code violations.

His daughter Karis, who is in Grade 12 at NorKam Secondary, was singled out by her teacher for what she was wearing when she showed up for class Tuesday.

(She) was told the outfit she was wearing made, or could make her, or the teacher’s assistant, who is a male, feel uncomfortable. So she was removed from class, brought down to the principal’s office and sent home,” Wilson explained.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Karis’ outfit. Nothing. I get Canadians can be somewhat prudish, but she’s wearing a turtleneck and a long dress for crying out loud. Honestly, if the teacher or the aide feel uncomfortable, they sincerely need to find a new line of work.

Wilson says his daughter walked home from school in tears— and he has been left with many questions about what happened, and why her choice of clothing would be a problem in the first place.

“She’s wearing a turtleneck, under a black dress that goes to her knees,” Wilson said. “This is absurd.”

Mr. Wilson’s not wrong. This is an embarrassing overreaction, and Wilson should sue the school, the principal, and the teachers involved. At least long enough to have the building renamed Karis Wilson Secondary.