The Kane Mutiny


PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, arguably the most corrupt politician in America not named Clinton, was sentenced to prison this week after being found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice.

A judge sentenced former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Monday to 10 to 23 months in prison for committing multiple felonies stemming from a politically motivated act of retribution.

Kane, who resigned after her conviction of perjury and obstruction in August, also will be on probation for eight years following her release.

Kane, a Democrat who was elected in 2012, faced a possible 12-24 years in prison, according to Kate Delano, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.

The charges had alleged that Kane acted in anger about a local newspaper article that accused her of dropping an investigation into politicians accepting bribes. To get back at her predecessors, the complaint said Kane leaked sealed, confidential grand jury documents to the media and then lied under oath.

Like Barack Obama and (maybe) Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Kane was a political “first.” PA voters selected this stupid broad partially because she was a woman, and partially because her predecessor – Republican Tom Corbett – was terribly unpopular. This, my friends, is what happens when you vote for something historic instead of someone deserving.

Pennsylvania’s first female Attorney General will go down in history as one of the most corrupt politicians the state ever had. That brings a smile to my face.

Credit to CNN, which identified Kane’s political affiliation in the third paragraph. Many news sites were not so forthcoming.

Law In The Family

Ellen Granahan And Kathleen KaneMeet Ellen Granahan (left) and Kathleen Kane, twin sisters who serve as Pennsylvania’s deputy attorney general and attorney general, respectively.

Thanksgiving dinner will be contentious this year, now that Kane’s law license has been suspended and Granahan is suing her sister for wage discrimination.

Ellen Granahan, a chief deputy attorney general for Pennsylvania, has filed a wage and gender discrimination complaint against the Office of Attorney General. Her twin sister, Kathleen Kane, is the state’s current chief law enforcement officer.

Granahan has worked in the department since 2008, about five years before Kane was elected as Pennsylvania’s attorney general.

Four months after that election, Granahan was promoted to head the child predator division, which led to a 20 percent salary increase. However, Granahan says her $88,509 annual salary is 17 to 37 percent lower than the salaries paid to male and female agency lawyers with similar titles.

Only a Democrat can cry poverty with a straight face while making $88,509 a year in this crap economy. Girl power, baby!

Personally, instead of clogging the court system, I think the twins should settle the matter with a naked pillow fight… witnessed by a trusted member of law enforcement, of course.