Katy Perry Discovers America

Singing sensation Katy Perry had a wake-up call when she left Hollywood and relocated her family in Kentucky. After settling in the Bluegrass State, Perry realized Hollywood is not America.

Pop star Katy Perry is confessing something few of her elite liberal Hollywood peers would, saying moving to Kentucky has been an “amazing experience” because “it reminds you that Hollywood is not America.”

“I’m living in Kentucky, and I have for almost a month now, and that’s quite an amazing experience, because it reminds you that Hollywood is not America,” Perry told comedian Chelsea Handler on the Dear Chelsea podcast. “And you need to remember that. Because I think you can understand people better.”

Of course, Perry was never going to ditch her terrible political choices, but whatever.

Still, however, Perry has not abandoned her leftist political campaigning. She joined her fellow celebrities in 2020 to team up with Planned Parenthood for an abortion-themed ad campaign to push voter turnout in battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

For the record, Katy Perry was at the DNC Convention in 2016, and a lot of my coworkers were downtown during the convention. To a person, every single detective there said Perry was extraordinarily nice and gladly took pictures with police officers and detectives.

No matter her politics, I will always respect her for taking time out to say hello.

Oliver’s Hazard Perry

Don’t look now, but another Hollywood celebrity is opening up about her troubled life as a multi-millionaire. Amazing how these stories always hit the wire when a celebrity hasn’t been in the news.

The 35-year-old pop star told SiriusXM CBC that she hit a personal and professional low when she and then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom broke up and she experienced poor album sales.

“My career was on this trajectory when it was going up, up and up and then I had the smallest shift, not that huge from an outside perspective. But for me it was seismic,” Perry explained.

The musician said that practicing gratitude probably “saved my life” because if “I didn’t find that I would have wallowed in my own sadness and probably just jumped but I found the ways to be grateful.”

Next time, make sure you jump off the Hollywood sign.

You see, Katy, no one gives a shit about your “problems,” especially when thousands and thousands of Americans are out of work. There are real people with real problems out here who are dealing with situations infinitely more dire that a lost boyfriend. Good grief, these freakin’ drama queens have no connection to reality.

Sunday Monday Services


Christmas Day may have bumped Sunday Services, but there was no way I would let the holiday postpone the post, especially with such an awesome theme. Katy Perry starts us off with a revealing Santa outfit which makes my North Pole rise.


While LeAnn Rimes looks like a Ho Ho Ho here, she’s the good kind – as opposed to the crackhead kind – so she can reach into my stocking anytime.

There are more pics below the fold…

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