Dog Daze Afternoon

Meet Keeevonna Wilson.

Keeevonna is a self-proclaimed “Instagram model,” which in layman terms means she’s an unemployed high school dropout with big breasts. Keevonna also has big aspirations, as soon as she gets rid of her accessory dog.

Instagram model Keevonna Wilson was arrested in late-2017 after an elevator security camera recorded her abusing her dog Chasity, an 18-month old Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix that weighed about 10 pounds.

The video footage recorded at the Miami-area condo where Wilson resided was turned over to police by the complex’s security officials. Upon Wilson’s arrest, her dog was seized by Miami-Dade Animal Services workers who photographed, examined, and provided medical care to the canine.

In a plea deal, Wilson, 26, was also ordered to pay about $600 in court costs in the felony animal cruelty case.

She’s the female Jussie Smollett! When you see the video at the link, you’ll wonder why this twat received any leniency. She kicks the crap out of that dog.

Here comes the most unsurprising part of this story. Ready?

Since her collar, Wilson has been free on $5000 bond, which has allowed her to pursue a rap music career.

Wow, I never saw that coming.