Feel-Good Friday

Today’s Feel-Good Friday comes from TXNick, who met an extraordinary American in Kennewick, Washington.

Tony is the proprietor of a food truck in Kennewick, and while he loves creating amazing dishes, he loves being in the United States much more.

The first thing the guy in the truck said to me was something to the effect “Hello, my friend. I am proud to be an American! I am very happy you are here today! What can I fix for you?” He seemed genuinely happy to meet me. While waiting for my chimichanga, I read the article he had posted on the side of his truck (see one of the attached photos). It seems the local government decided to pass a new law requiring food trucks to relocate every month, for some obscure reason (equity in locations?).

When Tony was informed of this, he advised his customers as they came up for food that he had to leave the spot where he had set up his truck, and where it had been for years. Nearly four thousand of Tony’s customers signed a petition to stop the law being passed, and over a thousand showed up at the next council meeting to protest. The council didn’t stop from passing the law, but they did “grandfather in” Tony and two other trucks that had been in their locations for years.

This is Tony, a man who truly loves his country and his countrymen.

Being grandfathered in is terrific, but the story continues.

That would be enough of a feel good story, but there is a little more. Tony has been working here in Kennewick, WA for twenty three years. And during that time, he raised three kids as a single parent. I met one of them, she was helping her father with the truck that day. Tony came to the USA legally, he had a sponsor in St. Louis, and worked for and Italian restaurant there while he worked his way through the immigration procedures. He got his citizenship, and came to Washington and started his business with a truck. H/T – TXNick)

Lord knows America has its share of problems, but it’s nice to see America through the eyes of someone so good that he cherishes every moment here. Thank you, Tony. America is a better place with you in it.

No Honor Among Thieves

A man in Kennewick, Washington left his vehicle running while it was unattended, and another person jumped into the truck and fled the scene. This is an everyday occurrence, but the truck owner’s reason for leaving the vehicle running is simply perfect.

A man’s pickup truck was stolen while he was busy stealing items from a business across the street. The owner of the vehicle, William A. Kelley, 42, called police Sunday morning saying that someone had stolen his red, 1992 Chevy pick-up.

The suspect, riding by on a 10-speed bicycle, saw the keys had been left in the seat, threw his bike in the bed of the truck and fled.

Investigators reviewed surveillance video of the incident and discovered that Kelley had left his truck because he was off stealing items from a business across the street.

If there’s any justice, both thieves will eventually share the same jail cell.